AML Compliance – Reporting and Statistics

AML Compliance Officer

2Shakes allows users to capture AML related information, complete ID verification and upload evidence documents. When all these required tasks are complete and the agreement goes to the status of Signed (pending AML). 2Shakes has a seperate step, a final step, for someone to review the agreement and confirm that AML compliance is complete.

AML Reporting entities need to assign someone the role of AML Compliance Officer. In 2Shakes the AML compliance officer can use the agreements dashboard to review all agreements that are signed (AML pending). Once they are satisfied that all AML related tasks are completed they can confirm AML and change the status of the agreement to Complete.

AML Report

An AML report is created for agreements that are AML complete. The AML report shows all relevant AML information regarding the agreements customers, IDV and risk assessment.

Annual Onboarding Statistics

Reporting entities need to submit an annual report to their supervisors. A section of this report relates to onboarding statistics. At the click of a button you can view AML statistical information related to onboarding to help you complete the annual report.