Bank Referrals

Do you have clients that use their personal bank accounts to conduct business through? Do they need other banking services to help run their businesses? 2Shakes have worked with Westpac to build a simple and useful feature that sends a request for your client to be contacted by the Westpac Business On Demand team. 2Shakes will launch this Bank Referrals feature on the 30 July 2018.

How it works

When your client needs banking services….

…they often don’t realise it until they are discussing their affairs with you.

When you are explaining your services and what you do, you may discover that your client also needs help from a bank. Maybe they need to open a new business account, or maybe they need to think about financing for their business, or need to be more efficient in how they do their banking.

Record what banking services they need in 2Shakes….

…in the services screen to capture the bank referral.  Simply select the Westpac Bank Referral tick box to open this section, then note of what your client is interested in and how they prefer to be contacted.

When your client signs the agreement we will send information through to the Westpac Business on Demand team. We let Westpac know the main signers contact details, preferred contact method, a list of the entities on the agreement, which banking services they were interested in as well as any comments about the banking referral that were added.

Your client gets gets a friendly call or email from Westpac…
The friendly Westpac Business on Demand team will contact your client within 2 working days to see how they can help.

Its that simple. We hope you find this feature useful and valuable.  If you have any questions please do get in touch. We are here to help.

The 2Shakes team.