Correcting Agreements

If you need to make a correction on an agreement the method you use will depend on the stage the agreement is at.

Draft agreement

Drafts are agreements where you have entered in the clients information, but have not yet sent the agreement for sign off.  They have a status of Draft on the agreement screen.  You can delete drafts by clicking on the rubbish bin icon.

To change a draft you first select it from this dashboard by clicking on the Client name.  This will take you to the Add Signatories screen.  By scrolling to the bottom of this screen, you can select the Back button and return to the sign up Agreement Details screen to make changes.

Sent for signing

Agreements that have been sent to clients for signing will have a status of Signing in progress.  This status shows that the client has not yet signed, but has received either a confirmation code to their mobile phone, and/or an email URL link to a signing page.
To change an agreement that has been sent for signing.  Go to the agreements dashboard and click on the clients name. You will be taken to the Review and Sign Screen.  Scroll to the bottom and select the Revert to Draft button.

Partially signed agreements

An agreement that was sent for signing to more than one person becomes partially signed if one, but not all, signatures have been collected.  Partially signed agreements still show on the agreements dashboard as Signing in progress until everyone has signed. You can also still use the Revert to draft button to change a partially signed BUT you will be warned first, as the the changed agreement will have to be RE-SIGNED again.

If an agreement has been partially signed you when you click on revert to draft you will see the following warning message.   If you do not see this message this indicates that the agreement has not yet been signed by anyone.

For example: Imagine that an agreement has 2 directors signing it, Mike and Jan.  Jan has already signed using the link she received in her emai , but then Mike realises that something on the agreement needs to change.  You open the agreement and revert it to draft, make the changes and then resent it for sign off again.

Both Mike and Jan will receive new emails with new links.  Jan will now need to resign the changed agreement using this second email she receives to ask her to sign the agreement.