Inland Revenue (IR) Authority

2Shakes lets you specify IR authority settings that:

  • capture your clients signed consent for you to access IR information on their behalf.
  • let you specify the authority text that you want to use
  • decide if you wish to send a IR597 nominated party for to IR

NOTE: 2Shakes does not set up your myIR authority.  You will still need to do this, or ask your client to do this for you.

Set up your profile:
  1. To access IR authority settings, click on Business Profile in the top navigation bar, then select Authorities.
  2. If you work with Inland Revenue for clients then select Inland Revenue: Show Inland Revenue Authority on the Client Signup screen using the check box in the dark grey bar.
  3. Enter your IRD number.  Note if your business has more than one IR number, then we recommend you use the IR number you have used when you set up MyACC for Business.  As this IR number will also be used on any ACC1766 forms you submit using 2Shakes.    
  4. Check the authority text that will appear on the agreement that your client will sign. You can edit or reword this.
  5. Select if you want the option of capturing IR consent using a text statement, submitting an IR597 form to Inland revenue, or both.  Note: The IR597 form gets completed and signed by your client.  It gives you the ability to phone IR and ask questions about the client.  Anyone can use this form (regardless of whether you are registered as an intermediary as a tax agent, bookkeeper or payroll professional, or not).
Sign up your client:
  1. When you sign up a client, the options you chose in your profile above, show again on screen 3 during sign up.
  2. Select the consent statement, IR597, or both. Some Tax Agents we have spoken with want their consent wording in the Agreement except for clients they are not acting as a Tax Agent for (they do both). In that case, set it up in your profile, then optionally deselect it for a specific client.
  3. IR have specified that in using 2Shakes to seek authority to act on behalf of your client, you should make sure you have first met that person prior to signing and have satisfied yourself of that person’s identity.  2Shakes also requires that ID credentials are captured during signing for the client.  This means that during signing they will be asked to enter their drivers license or passport details.
  4. If you have selected the IR597 form option for your client. Once the agreement has been signed a link to the form will appear under the client details section of the screen.
  5. From 18th April 2019, you will need to either post this form in to IR, or upload the PDF in myIR through secure mail.  To do this click on the link to download this PDF, then either print it for posting or attach it in myIR.  
  6. If posting, send the printed form to Inland Revenue at:  
    PO Box 39010
    Wellington Mail Center
    Lower Hutt
  7. Once it is received IR typically take 5 working days to action this form.