2Shakes was created through the NZ government R9 Accelerator programme, an initiative sponsored by MBIE – Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment – to make New Zealand “Better for Business”.

Since then we have developed our Onboarding Automation software to help not only New Zealand businesses, but other professional practices around the world, including in Australia, the US, USA, South Africa and others.

We want to make it as easy as possible  for businesses to get the professional help they need to be successful.

We are based in Wellington, New Zealand.

We are called 2Shakes because we believe it should only take 2Shakes to get to work.



We are dedicated to providing an innovative Onboarding Automation solution to make it easier for you to sign up new clients, and get authority to act on their behalf.  

Team 2Shakes has created a digital sign up and authority platform, primarily for professional practices such as  Bookkeepers, Accountants, Lawyers, Advisors and Brokers – so you can easily get to work for your clients.  

And we make it easy for Government Agencies, Banks, Insurance companies, Telecos, Utilities and other companies to know they are giving information to an authorised person – you.

Our People