Versioning -

Version Control

If a document changes it creates a new version. If there is more than one version, the last approved (signed) document is (normally) the version that legally applies. When documents are viewed and undergo changes it is important to control versions to ensure the most up to date version can be identified. 2Shakes supports version control by:

  • Status control: 2Shakes assigns and tracks the status of a document to control what changes can be made
  • Cloud technology: 2Shakes uses technology in the cloud to enable you to record, store and provide proof through:
    • Audit Logs: to record data for things such as electronic signatures, IP addresses etc.
    • Online Storage: So you can review or download anywhere, anytime
  • Renewals: 2Shakes helps to manage your renewal workflow so you can change or update agreements when it is needed.