2Shakes AML gets Ready to Roll

2Shakes Anti Money Laundering (AML/CFT) extensions are ready to launch. All our research, design and technical wizardry from the past year has been released into our BETA environment for final feedback.

We have done loads of demonstrations to AML compliance experts, lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers and government representatives, and we’ve had great feedback.

We’ll now be inviting all our 2Shakes users in NZ to try the beta software from this week, which will give everyone a chance to see how we can help with AML, and help prepare for their Phase 2 release date.

If you are affected by AML Phase 2 don’t put off getting ready. If you deliver in-scope services then you’ll need to comply.  We have some information about it on our website 2Shakes AML section or check out the AML section of DIA’s website.

Whatever you do, get on top of it now. You could see it as a useful opportunity for you to put in some excellent onboarding processes.

2Shakes AML Further Info

Pricing Updates for AML

AML in FREE 10
We want every practice, large or small, to have access to a state-of-the-art AML tool. So 2Shakes will include the AML extensions in all our plans – including our Free 10 plan!Identity Verification (IDV)
AML/CFT Customer Due Diligence requires you to verify the identity details of natural people. There are different ways to do this and 2Shakes helps you do both electronic and manual IDV. In 2Shakes you can also securely record additional identity measures and files.

Electronic Identity Verification (eIDV) – $5
eIDV compares ID details against external trusted sources to provide you with a report of the results. This option can be very efficient and secure, but additional charges apply of $5 per eIDV person checked. The eIDV includes DIA (passports) or NZTA (drivers licenses) check, as well as date of birth, address and PEP (Politically Exposed Person) checks.

Manual Identity Verification – Free
You can do Identity Verification manually yourself.  2Shakes Notes & Files lets you securely store evidence of what you have done for IDV in 2Shakes against your client agreement, and you can still track your CDD progress by clicking that IDV has been completed manually for a client.

Find out more about how 2Shakes will help you with identity verification here.

All prices are in NZ Dollars and exclude GST. Please refer to our Terms of Use.

New Pricing Plans

Quick Tip

Welcome email
Did you know that as well as changing the text, you can also attach files to the welcome email that is sent to your client when they sign up? You could use this to send:

  • A welcome pack
  • A company brochure with bios.
  • Next steps
  • Payment and guarantee forms

Find out more about how you can customise the email and its attachments here.

Changes on the team

Avid Spurs Supporter – Cliff 
The unstoppable Cliff Bowden has come to help the 2Shakes team.

Cliff has worked both for Inland Revenue and for the NZ Bookkeepers Association. So we know that Cliff understands our world and we are delighted to be working with him. When we asked Cliff what he wanted on his business card – this was his answer….

Spreading the word

2Shakes has learned a lot in about GovTech, AML, onboarding, authorities and Blockchain. We are always keen to get out and about to share. If you would like us to talk to you or your group, please get in touch.

Will we see you there?
NZBAI Bookkeeping Conference 2018
Did you know that around 30% of NZ Bookkeepers have a 2Shakes account! Its so great to know that we provide a useful product to so many.  We will be back this year to the NZBookkeepers Conference.  If your going, we look forward to seeing you there!

Did we see you here?
NZBAI Hawkes Bay

We really enjoyed speaking to Bookkeepers in Napier last month. Mike really enjoyed his discussions with some awesome bookkeepers – thanks again to Leaine Jones for organising this (and for the wine)!  It’s great feedback from sessions like this that makes all the hard work worthwhile!’
“….thank you so much, without this we don’t know how we would handle AML!” 

Walker Wayland Australasia Conference
Here’s Ata speaking at the Walker Wayland Australasia conference for Accounting practices.

Thanks to Kelly Smith at Munro Benge for organising this (and for the wine – I see a pattern).

Digital 5 (D5)
2Shakes was featured as part of the Digital Government Showcase on 21 February in the Beehive alongside others identified as the most innovative digital products and services created by government agencies and their partners. Read about it here.

7×7 Ideas Forum – GovTech 
We spoke in February at 7 by 7 about GovTech Start Up – 2 Years of 2Shakes and talked about the 2Shakes journey. Thanks to Nick Gerritsen for continuing to arrange these excellent evenings (and thanks too for the wine – seriously!)

2Shakes caught up with ACC’s CEO Scott Pickering and Head of Business Customer Service Deilvery, Phil Reily.

ACC have been great supporters of 2Shakes, and it was fantastic to be able to share with Scott and Phil stories of the people and businesses we have helped thanks to their support.  You can even find us on the ACC website.

Deployed Updates

Services & Fees
The Services description field in 2Shakes now allows text formating.  You can use bold, italic and underlined text and bullets to improve the visual layout in both the Profile, as well as the Sign Up screen.  This formatting will flow through onto the PDF of the agreement.Electronic signatures (email to eSign)
We have extended the expiry for the URL inside the email sent for electronic signing to two weeks.  The vast majority of signing happens within a few days of the email being sent:

  • 50% sign within 8 hours
  • 66% sign within the first day
  • 75% sign within 2 days
  • 83% sign within 3 days
  • 90% sign within 4 days
  • 94% sign within 5 days

To see agreements with an expired links, use the agreements dashboard to filter agreements in the status of signing in progress that are over 2 weeks old.  You can then easily send a new signing email to these clients.