Do you have Trust issues? Part 2

Do you have Trust issues? Part 2 This is our second blog post on doing AML CDD on Trusts. We will cover Trust roles, who needs to be ID verified and what to do when a company is owned by a Trust. Part one covered what a Trust is and why have one, Enhanced Due

AML CDD Trust Part 1
Do you have Trust issues? Part 1

Do you have Trust issues? Well, you are not alone. Oh wait…. I’m not talking relationship Trust issues. I’m not brave enough to take those on. I am talking about issues with carrying out Anti Money-Laundering Customer Due Diligence (AML CDD) on Trusts. Almost without exception, your AML CDD requirements are at their most challenging

2Shakes Easter Update LawFest
LawFest – Key Takeaways

LawFest 2021 New Zealand’s premier legal innovation and technology event 2Shakes were at LawFest 2021, were you there? If you didn’t make it, here are our key takeaways. Takeaway 1 You will get a high return on innovation in two areas Mary O’Carroll (Director of Legal Operations at Google) recommended legal professionals focus on these two key

Monthly Update
Easter Update

Easter 2021 Update How was your month?  Over the last year we’ve seen big swings up and down for the sectors our customers operate in.  Last month we saw more activity across the board, which hopefully bodes well for the wider economic recovery from covid. As well as supporting all that awesome activity, we’ve had