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2Shakes February Update 2021

We’ve hit the ground running with a busy first few months of 2021! 
Here’s our 2Shakes February Update on what we’ve been up to and what is coming up for 2Shakes.

2Shakes Website Upgrade

2Shakes February Update - 2021 - New Website

The 2Shakes website has recently had an upgrade, and its looking better then ever! The team has worked hard to get this new site up and running, and we hope you enjoy the new layout. If you haven’t yet- make sure you check it out!

2Shakes February Update 2021 - Lawfest


We will be attending our first Lawfest this year at the Cordis Hotel in Auckland. We’re looking forward to showcasing 2Shakes – the most comprehensive Onboarding & AML Due Diligence solution in NZ! 


Later, on the 12th and 13th of March in Wellington, 2Shakes is excited to be attending this year’s ATAINZ conference! Here is a photo of us in 2020 with our prize winner Leaine Jones. See you all there!

2Shakes February Update 2021 - ATAINZ

Lawyers - Go Digital

Check out our latest blog post on Lawyers going digital with the help of 2Shakes! 

Biometric currently a Free Add-on

2Shakes February Update 2021 - Biometric ID Verification

If you haven’t tried our FREE Biometric IDV add-on, make sure you do before the end of March when our promotion ends! See here for more information.

Upcoming AML/CFT annual reports & audit findings

The reporting period is only a few months away for AML Phase 2 reporting entities. Annual reports can be submitted to DIA from 1 July – 31 August.  As a part of the annual report, you will need to include findings from your two-yearly audit.  Not had an audit yet? Check out our AML Audits page and see how we can help. 

Removal of Upload to Sign method

During February, we updated the electronic signing page in 2Shakes, removing the option to ‘upload image to sign’. It was rarely used, could cause people issues, so it was time!
Now when a client signs electronically, they have the popular methods of sign on screen and type to sign.

2Shakes February Update 2021 - Upload to Sign

In this 2Shakes February Update we covered a lot of exciting things, stay updated with our monthly updates and blog posts here.

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