2Shakes has developed its most advanced functionality yet….. more advanced than integration to Xero, more fiddly than Blockchain, and even more complex than multiple electronic signatories… all to let you do more, and it is going to change the way 2Shakes works for the better….

In this update:

  • Multiple Sign ups: Signing up more than one entity….what it is, how does it work
  • Anti Money Laundering – Thank you Callaghan Innovation
  • Come meet 2Shakes: Accelerator 3.0, Demo Day, Govis and NZ Bookkeepers Conference

Multiple Sign ups

What is it?

2Shakes has built new functionality to let you sign up multiple ‘entities’ in the same agreement. Our customers and our early adopters (Accountants, Bookkeepers and Tax Agents) were clear in their feedback. They want one client agreement that covers all the different entities that their client has. After all a client might have several limited companies, a rental property they run privately, and a family trust. All these entities have different IRD, ACC and NZBN numbers, then they may need to have their client’s personal tax return as well.  To date 2Shakes has signed up one entity at a time, which was already a huge time saving.   But that is all about to get even better. It wasn’t easy – in fact it is surprisingly tricky to do –  but now multiple sign up functionality is ready. We are deep into final testing and review,  and will launch in June.

How does it work?


This picture shows the top section of 2Shakes new multiple-entity Agreement.  This example shows that Deanna Tang will be able to sign up once, covering her two companies, her family trust and her individual tax return.  Instead of signing four times – once for each entity. Instead, Deanna can now sign one agreement with Ata’s Books that will cover her various financial entities.  Its quick, easy and secure!

We will be in-touch with all our customers over the next week to explain how this will work. But you can find more about multiple sign ups on our support page here.

Thank you Callaghan Innovation

….for helping 2Shakes to tackle Anti-Money Laundering

Great news, we have been awarded co-funding from Callaghan Innovation to help build new AML features into 2Shakes. 2Shakes has been researching the likely impact of AML on our customers since last year. We estimate that AML could add a significant administrative burden on Bookkeepers, Accountants and Lawyers, because they will soon need to perform additional checks on clients as part of the sign up/onboarding process. 2Shakes is ALL about removing admin at sign up! So we have been working to devise clever ways 2Shakes can help meet AML during sign up.

Now thanks to Callaghan Innovation, we can explore bringing innovative technology like Blockchain, Ethereum Smart Contracts, Biometric Identity, Recursive API algorithm’s and other tech to solve our customer’s real-world pain. That will help you automate AML client checks during the 2Shakes sign up. Read read more about how Callaghan grants funding here

We are also in advanced discussion with other organisations to be part of this exciting development – we’ll let you know about them as soon as we can!

Come meet 2Shakes

2Shakes is out and about, with a number of events coming up. Are you going too? Please come and say hello, we would love to talk, and are always keen to chat.

  • Accelerator 3.0 Demo Day

    Incredibly, it’s already a year since 2Shakes presented at the Embassy Theatre in Wellington for R9 Accelerator 2.0 demo day. This week the next cohort of Govtech teams presents for Accelerator 3.0 demo day – Thursday 8 June, back at the Embassy. We will be there in force to support and cheer on the teams…. Good luck everyone! You can find out more about the Accelerator 3.0 teams here. Come and have a drink with us in the reception after the event at 4:30.

  • GOVIS Conference

    R9 have asked 2Shakes to present with them at the GOVIS conference on Thursday 15th June. We presented at GOVIS last year with the NZBN team, and this time we’ll be telling our story of government start-up innovation.  Interested in some innovation for your government agency? Come have a chat to 2Shakes about your ideas!

  • NZ Bookkeepers Conference

    2Shakes will also be back at the NZBAI bookkeepers conference at the end of June. It’s going to be a blast! We are organising some special software updates for the conference, making sure all the bookkeepers who were our original supporters get the opportunity to use 2Shakes in their business.  We are very excited – but we’ll leave the announcement to the Conference! We also have some awesome Misprint Co notebooks being made especially (valued at $11) to give away, so if your going to the conference please come and say hi to Mike and Ata at the 2Shakes stand.