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Use the NZBN to automate ownership structure and identify Beneficial Owners, record CDD information such as Nature and Purpose and Trust Information.

Then electronically ID Verify your Client, all in a single, streamlined process.

2Shakes For 
{High Value Dealers}

Our Cloud Platform has AML for High Value Dealers Sorted

2Shakes makes AML for High Value Dealers easy
Beneficial Owners

Our proprietary algorithm searches Companies Office and shows Beneficial Owners & Structure

Identity Verification

Integrated Biometric, Electronic and Manual IDV saves time and gives you and your clients choice.

Records, Reporting & Audits

Your records are safe in Microsoft Azure cloud, with easy access using in-built Audit and Statistics reports.

How we help

2Shakes helps High Value Dealers get on top of their Customer Due Diligence (CDD). We can help you find the information you need, so that you can spend less time on CDD and more time with your customers. We also make it easier to keep records of what you have learned, what you have decided along with the documents and evidence you need.

With 2Shakes, you can:

  • Capture the nature and purpose of your relationship.
  • Decide the natural people to ID verify from a list of Directors and people with over 25% Beneficial Ownership (from Companies OFFice), and add other people in Effective Control.
  • ID verify your clients either manually or electronically and store documentation in 2Shakes.
  • Access a comprehensive AML Report on information and activity captured in 2Shakes. We also provide a statistical report of your annual activity to assist with reporting and audits.
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ID Verification

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