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AML CDD & Onboarding for Lawyers.

Remotely carry out AML CDD on your clients. Use the NZBN to automate ownership structure and identify Beneficial Owners, record CDD information such as Nature and Purpose and Trust Information. Verify your client’s ID, electronically or biometrically.
Get your Services, Fees and Authorities electronically consented to and signed by your client – quickly, securely and safely.

All in a single, streamlined process for Lawyers.

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Our Cloud Platform has Onboarding & AML for Lawyers covered

2Shakes helps in the three main areas with Onboarding & AML for Lawyers:
AML Due Diligence

AML/CFT Customer Due Diligence,
electronic ID Verification,
AML Records and Reporting.

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An electronically signed engagement agreement, detailing services, fees, Ts and Cs.

Government Authority
NZ Government Authority – IRD, ACC, Companies Office – plus other authorities you need.

Significantly reduce the effort, time and cost of AML & Onboarding for Lawyers

2Shakes is the only end-to-end AML CDD solution that handles the entire process of client onboarding. Find out how 2Shake can reduce the effort, time and cost of AML CDD and Client Onboarding for you and your firm.

AML CDD for Lawyers

How 2Shakes helps Lawyers get AML CDD sorted

2Shakes helps Lawyers get on top of AML compliance with a full range of services that simplify AML for Lawyers. 

We provide our best-of-breed AML Customer Due Diligence platform to automate the administrative and compliance work in onboarding new clients.  Our cost effective solution saves you time while improving your clients experience with our integrated Biometric and Electronic ID verification.

With 2Shakes, you spend less time on AML CDD and more time with your customers.  As all your records in 2Shakes, you are always ready for annual reporting and audits.  2Shakes securely stores your records of what you have learned, what you have decided, along with the documents, and evidence you need.

Biometric ID Verification

Liveness & Document checks
Biometric Facial matching
Driver License & Passport verified
Address verified
PEP & Sanctions checks

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How 2Shakes helps Lawyers streamline client onboarding

  • Using the New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) to automate client details
  • Automating email content and workflow to create a great client experience with minimal effort, including:
    • Customised email to the client asking to review and sign
    • Customised welcome email with attached engagement agreement immediately after all clients have signed
  • Templating services, fees and Ts & Cs
  • Using electronic signatures for clients
  • Handling multiple entities and multiple signatures on engagements
  • Status tracking and required action highlighting to manage client progress
  • Create new clients in Xero XPM or Base CRM with the click of a button.  No re-keying, no typos and all contractual documents stored securely. 
Making Onboarding Easy

2Shakes Integrations & Customisations

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ID Verification

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