2Shakes is a Govtech solution that helps professionals sign up clients and get authority to work for them.  We have come a long way since starting on the MBIE R9 Acclerator programme in February 2016.  Every month has been chokka full of both new challenges and new opportunities.  This month was no different.  This month we have moved to our own office, all while adding more great features to our solution.

You Are Welcome – Come visit 2Shakes’ new office!

2Shakes has moved into Aviation House, on the corner or Featherston and Johnston Streets in Wellington (just around the corner from Midland Park). Our adress is now L7, Aviation House, 12 Johnston Street, Wellington.


We made the important step of moving away from being co-located with the R9 Programme, into our own 2Shakes office.  While we have continued to pitch our story, and support the R9 Programme, we needed to branch out a little into our own working space.

We moved in on Friday, and already had our first visit from a Financial Adviser!  We would love to see you too.  Come on up and see us on level 7, 12 Johnston Street.

New features!

This month we have added some more great features.  Thanks to our customers for your feedback, and also a big thank you to both Oliver and Jasmin for their wonderful work on the technology and the design.

Upload PDF to sign:

2Shakes now allows you to upload your own PDF’s so they can be signed by your client at the same time they e-signs the agreement with you. This is a useful for personal guarantees, consents that need to be on specific forms, etc. Use this link to go to our website to find out how this works www.2shakes.co.nz/1-page-pdf-upload/

Sneak peek – Automate your workflow – coming next week!

  • Customise Email: You can now completely customise the text that appears on the email that is sent to customers.  Set up your standard email text in your profile. If you need to change it for a specific client sign up, you can do that too.
  • Email files to your new clients:  Need to send forms or files to your new clients once then have signed up?  Great – your customised 2Shakes welcome email can also include attachments for your clients (like questionnaires, etc). Again, setup your standard attachments in your profile, then add or remove for a specific client if you need to.We think this feature will really help you to automate your workflow, and save you time.

Updates to IRD Authority

This month we also included some updates to the IRD authority, to make it easier for Tax Agents and non-Tax Agents alike. We have a little tweak to that coming next week to give you even more control of the authorities your client gives you.

What are we building next

2Shakes are currently working on the following new features, which we have prioritised based on your feedback – thanks!

  • Signing up multiple parties at the same time.  Thank you for all the feedback on this feature. Building this feature is MUCH more complicated than we initially anticipated. Stay tuned as we identify the best way for you to sign up multiple entities using 2Shakes.
  • Updating Agreements. We are working on a way to let you update an existing agreement. This will make it much easier to periodically re-sign up your existing clients (a requirement of some professional bodies), or to change the fees or T&C’s your existing clients are on.
  • Improved Xero Practice Manager Integration.  Tighter Xero integration will allow the use of Leads (quotes) and Clients (post sign up), as well as updating existing clients.
  • Design and User Experience: Jasmin from Clarit.ee has been helping 2Shakes on our design to improve the user experience – we’ll keep improving this as we develop. Here’s Jasmin improving 2Shakes’ UX – don’t worry – the 2016 was a quote on the glass wall:-):

Pitching and Demonstrations

2Shakes continues to pitch and demonstrate our solution this month:

  • R9 Programme: Follow up pitch to NZ Post and to the Government Chief Information Office (GCIO)
  • Lots of Early Adopters and customers trialing 2Shakes – thanks heaps for the referrals coming in from ACC, CAANZ and XERO

2Shakes was also at the high tech awards nominations in Wellington.

Everything we do is made possible and worthwhile by the fantastic support of our customers, early adopters and all the help we get from organisations helping us including MBIE, ACC, Data Futures Partnership, Chapman Tripp, CAANZ , NZBAI, Microsoft and Xero. Thanks to everyone, and keep spreading the 2Shakes message.


All the best,

The 2Shakes Team