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What’s Next – Updates in the Works

2Shakes development is customer driven.  So let us know what changes will help you by using the contact form. The most popular request get actioned, so do get in touch – we love hearing from you.

  • Email cc – 2Shakes sends an email with the signed agreement attached to the client and you, the user.  But sometimes its userful if the agreement gets sent to other people as well.  We are exploring ways we let you specify who to cc the email to.  So 2Shakes can help you notify other parties when the agreement is in place.
  • Services and Fees – Improvements to the sevices and fees section is being explored to allow a catalogue approach to services.
  • 2Shakes Partner Program – You know how 2Shakes has taken away your paperwork hassels.  Well just think what it could do to help your clients sort out their paperwork as well!  A 2Shakes partner program will help you offer 2Shakes to your clients and reward you for the referals.

Released May 2020 – Improved Agreement Renewals

We have removed the charges to renew electronic client Agreements, and improved the process too.
See our renewals page for more information.

Released April 2020 – Personalised Email Addressing

Emails sent to your clients from 2Shakes will have a much more personal touch, while still obeying internet rules for email addressing.

Released March 2020 – Improved Search

We’ve improved our search filters on the Dashboard and OCDD report pages. Your filter preferences will now hold for the duration of your browser session.

Released February 2020 – PEP Checks for Manual IDVs

Users can now carry out an electronic Politically Exposed Person (PEP) check for any person that has been manually ID verified. Find out more on PEP Checks

Released January 2020 – Ongoing CDD Now in Live, plus Improved AML Statistics

OCCD features are now available to users in the Live environment. The AML statistics report now only includes clients with the status of CDD Complete, users can also choose to include Archived clients in their statistics.

Released December 2019 – Ongoind CDD in Training

The first batch of our Ongoing Customer Due Diligence (OCDD) updates has been deployed to the 2Shakes Training environment. Find out more about the OCCD features here

Released November 2019 – Delete Function

Deleting client records is easy.  You’ll see we’ve added a new checkbox in the Dashboard – Allow Delete.

Released November 2019 – Improved Search and Notifications

Users can now search for individuals from the Dashboard, receive email notifications when clients remotely sign or complete eIDV. Users can also view their Centrix/DIA application status from the My Account page.

Released July 2019 – AML Statistics Report

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we have refined the AML Statistics feature so the report is now clearer in regards to what is being counted.  See more on the AML Statistics Report

Released July 2019- Archive 

Users can now archive agreements to to keep their Dashboard view neat and tidy. Archiving a client record is easy using the new Archive icon in your Dashboard.

Released June 2019- AML Annual Report

2Shakes updates our AML statistics reports to help reporting entities complete the information on their annual report to DIA.  

Released April 2019 – IR Changes to 2Shakes 

2Shakes has changed to reflect recent updates made by Inland Revenue. 

Released March 2019- 2Shakes gets a Facelift

The way 2Shakes looks will change with clearer lines and a new palette of colours. Changes you will notice are: 

  • Top navigation bar: From grey to red.  
  • Sections: From dark grey to black.
  • Buttons: Proceed is red, Back is black and other buttons are blue.

Your Logo – for Your Client 
People like entering information online because it is quick & easy. They also want to know its going to the right place. The new look includes showing your company logo on your client’s screen when entering their information online.

Released January 2019 – AML only

2Shakes lets you create Agreements, get Authority, and carry out AML Customer Due Diligence (CDD).  We have now included the option to just do AML Only (i.e. Customer Die Diligence).  AML Only in 2Shakes lets any business carry out CDD – Bookkeepers, Accountants, Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Financial Advisers, or any other business that needs to conduct CDD.  

2Shakes now has a new dashboard, new Start menu for navigation and of course a new, simpler AML flow.

Find out more about the changes for AML only here.

Released November 2018 – AML document repository

We have expanded our AML capability to enable you to store you AML program documents within 2Shakes.  Now your Programme, Risk Assessment, Procedures, Forms and other AML documents can be stored securely in the cloud on our Microsoft Azure platform. 

Find out more about storing your AML documents here.

Released September 2018 – Bank Referals

You can now select to refer a client to get a personal call from a Westpac business banking advisor.  All you need to do is select the option on page 2 of the sign up process. Select what sort of help they would like from a bank.  Then continue on with you agreement. 2Shakes then sends the bank your clients contact details and they will receive a friendly phone call or email.  

Find out more about bank referrals here

Released July 2018 – Better Client Signing & AML Officer Flag

Improving Client Signing Experience
We have made some updates to the email signing process to make it easier for your clients to sign using 2Shakes.

  • Edit the Signing Email to suit: You can set the wording of the email that is sent to your customers from the Profile page.  You can also edit each email sent for signing before you Proceed to Sign.
  • Easier for clients to spot the signing email in their inbox: The default subject line on signing email now includes your practice name so its easier for your clients to spot in their in box.  The noreply@2shakes email address will display as 2Shakes.
  • You only need IR for ACC: When clients are signing 2Shakes and you will act for them with IR and ACC we will ask them for theirIR or ACC number. Now if a valid IR number is entered both the IR and ACC fields will both display a green tick. The IR number can be used with ACC and this will avoid the confusion of clients trying to find their ACC number as well.

AML Compliance Officer Flag
2Shakes Account Administrators can now set an AML compliance officer flag.  Only users with this flag on are able to approve an AML agreement as complete.  All staff will default to this flag on, to change this setting go to the User screen in the Proifle section of 2Shakes.

Released June 2018 – Credit Card Payments & BASE integration

  • Credit Card Payments: You can now pay for 2Shakes using Credit Cards. When you reach the end of your 10 free agreement trial, or when you use eIDV you will be prompted to enter your credit card details to proceed. 2Shakes integrate with STRIPE.  Read more about how Credit Card Payments work here.
  • BASE CRM integration: 2Shakes now intergrates with the BASE CRM system.  If your practice uses BASE you can now push a deal from BASE into 2Shakes using a BASE Smart Link to create your agreement.  2Shakes will then complete your agreement documents, authorities and AML requirements.  Then you can push the new client details along with documentation into Xero Practice Manager.

Released May 2018 – AML Customer Due Diligience

We have a extended 2Shakes to include a range of smart, efficient features to help you meet your AML/CFT Phase 2 compliance need. Find out more about AML here.
2Shakes will also include Identity Verification in a number of different ways. We will extend electronic signatures to allow you to collect and verify proof of identity credentials as part of the signing process.  Customers can enter their drivers license or passport, along with their address and we will verify that these are correct against trustworthy external databases and provide you a report of the results. You an also manually collect and verify IDV yourselft and record this securely in 2Shakes. Find more about Identity Verification and costs here.

Released April 2018 – Services & Fees

The Services description field in 2Shakes now allows text formating.  You can use bold, italic and underlined text and bullets to improve the visual layout in both the Profile, as well as the Sign Up screen.  This formatting will flow through onto the PDF of the agreement.

Released March 2018 – 2 weeks to e-sign via email

We have extended the expiry for the URL inside the email sent for electronic signing to two weeks.
To see agreements with an expired links, use the agreements dashboard to filter agreements in the status of signing in progress that are over 2 weeks old.  You can then easily send a new signing email to these clients.

Released December 2017 – 2 Factor Authentication

2Shakes released 2Factor Authentication to improve security.

Released 27 October 2017 – Sign on Paper

2Shakes released the following new features:

  • Sign on Paper: We have built an end to end process for clients who want to signing on paper.  Find out how to use this feature here.
  • Agreements Dashboard Search: We have added additional functionality to the Agreement screen to enable you to filter and search.  As the number of agreements increase this will help you to find agreements, check the status and also to renew agreement.  You can read more about versioning here

Released 2 August 2017 – Services

2Shakes have updated how Services work to give you full control over the text and order of services, making services easier to add, re-order and remove.

We have also created an Agreement details screen.  This shows you more detail about the information captured during sign up.  You can access more details about an agreement by clicking on the Client names in the Agreements screen.

Released 30 June 2017 – Pricing Plans

2Shakes changed our pricing plans to include a FREE10 plan that lets you sign up 10 entities every year for free.  This plan is perfect for small bookkeepers and accountants or professionals just starting up.  It provides almost all the features of the full product.

We also increased the number of entities that can be signed up on the VALUE 250 account to 250 a year, for $30.  In this release we also simplified blockchain so that just the signed agreement is now stored on the Etherium Blockchain.

Visit our pricing page for more details.

Released 12 June 2017 – Multiple Sign Up

2Shakes have built new functionality to let you sign up multiple ‘entities’ in the same agreement. You can create one client agreement that covers all the different entities your client has. A client can have one or more businesses, a rental property, a trust. 2Shakes can capture the different IRD numbers, different NZBNs, and also capture agreement for personal tax returns as well.

This picture shows the top section of a 2Shakes Agreement with multiple entities. This example shows that Deanna Tang signs up on the one agreement her two companies, her family trust and her individual tax return.  Instead of signing four agreements (one for each entity), Deanna signs one agreement with Ata Books that covers her various financial entities.  Its quick, easy and secure!

2Shakes does this by using a Client Sign Up List that allows you to build up a list of all the different organisations and entities that need to be on the same agreement.

Multiple sign ups works with the concept of a main signatory. The main signatory is the main central person who has authority to sign for all the entities on the agreement. Don’t worry you can still have mutiple parties sign your agreement. We use the main signatory for authority forms, but you can still control if other parties (like directors or trustees) need to sign.  You simply add them to the Parties and Signatories screen.

Released on 21 April 2017

Renew or Update Agreement

You can now choose to renew or update an agreement for a client you have previously signed up with 2Shakes. The 2Shakes renewal option makes renewal easy.  We allow you to recreate the original 2Shakes agreement, change any detaills. Then resend the agreement to you client for signing.

Go to the Renew an agreement support page to find out more details.

Multiple Admin Users

Users with administration rights can change the profile setting to customise how 2Shakes works.  If you are an admin user you can now set any other users to also have admin rights. Go to Profile>Users, and you now have the option to make any user an Admin.  Admin users have full access to change the Business Profile, and change other users’ Admin status.

Go to the Profile Set Up support page to find out more.

Released on 4 April 2017

Customise Email

You can now completely customise the text that appears on the email that is sent to customers.  Set up your standard text on the profile screen.  Then review and change it for each sign up when you need to.

Need to send forms or files to your new clients once then have signed up?  Great – 2Shakes helps you upload files to get sent out to your customers.  This feature will help you to automate your workflow to saving you time.

Read the Emails and Attachments support page to find out more.

Released 17 March 2017

You can now upload a PDF document to get signed by your client at the same time as the other engagement and authority paperwork is signed.

Read the 1 page PDF support page to find out more.

Released on 28 February 2017

2Shakes on the BlockChain
2Shakes saves a hash or a ‘fingerprint’ of the electronically signed documents it creates on to the Etherium Blockchain. This feature gives everyone certainty that the document was electronically signed and has not been altered.

You can read more here about How Blockchain works with 2Shakes.

Making Corrections

To help you make corrections to agreements you can now both revert agreements to draft and delete draft agreements. You can also revert partially signed agreements to draft to make changes.  You can read more here about Correcting Agreements.

Inland Revenue Authority

2Shakes has provided some enhancements to how Inland Revenue Authority set up works. You can now specify your own text for this authority statement. You can also decide if you want to use IR597 nominated party form. You can read more here about Inland Revenue Authority.

Released 24 January 2017

Setup Authority at Companies Office

With 2Shakes you can now create an authority to act on behalf of your customer at NZ Companies Office. This will allow you, for example, to submit your client’s Company Annual Return.

First, setup the Authority in your Profile (Business Profile > Authorities):

      • Set up organisational account with Companies Office.  Enter the name and position of the Companies office account holder and select the tick box.
      • Click on Send Code to send a confirmation code to your mobile number. Enter this code and sign.
      • Click on Get Authorised to ‘punch’ out to the companies website.  Enter your real me log on details here. This will authorise 2Shakes to send Companies office authority requests in.

Then, when you next sign up a client, getting authority at Companies Office is a single tick box in the sign up screen – easy!

Released Late December 2016

Create an Authority Letter – Late December 2016

With 2Shakes you can now create an authority letter for an organisation. By capturing a few details from your client during sign up our system creates an authority letter that you can use with organisations like Insurance Companies to get access to the additional client information you need to do your job.

This type of authority is useful for Bookkeepers, Accountants and Financial Advisers to allow them to query their clients existing Insurance details.  The letter lets Insurance companies can see proof that you represent your client, making it easier for to ask questions about what an Insurance policy covers, or about what an Insurance invoice is made up of.

Released 8th December 2016

Customise which authorities will show on your sign up screen

Currently 2shakes shows ACC, IRD and Companies office authorities as the default.  Now you can choose the organisations’ authorities you want to use for your clients.  We also allow you to decide on Identification Capture.  To customise your authorities follow these steps:

      1. Log on to 2Shakes
      2. Click on Business Profile > Authorities in the top Navigation Bar
      3. Select the tick box of the Authorities you want to show on the Sign Agreement Screen.  NOTE: For some Authorities you will need to provide additional information.  For example your IR number is needed to set up an IR Authority.
      4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Save to confirm your selections.
      5. Click on Sign up Client in the top Navigation bar to view the changes on the Sign Up Screen.


Image: Profile – Authority Screen (select with authorities show on your sign up screen)

Customise the General Authority Statement

2Shakes currently includes a general authority statement in the services agreement.  We have changed this statement to allow you to customise it to use your own specific wording.  Or remove it completely – if it is not appropriate for how you work. To customise your authorities follow these steps:

      1. Log on to 2Shakes
      2. Click on Business Profile > Authorities in the top Navigation Bar
      3. Scroll down to the General Authority Statement section.  Select the tick box if you want this statement to appear in your client agreements.
      4. Change the wording of this statement to suit your practice requirements.
      5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Save to confirm your selections.

Image: General Authority Statement (select if you want to use this, and specify what it will say).