What did 2 Shakes do in our boot camp week on the Accelerator?

We got orientated in our new space in Creative HQ.

We figured out how to print, book meetings and settle into our space. Here’s our working space…


We had an awesome Innovation workshop with Velox Innovation

Ata learned that she needs to take more risks when she was making structures to hold marshmallows with spaghetti. Mike realised that having the vision to imagine a better future works best if the assumptions are rigorously tested…


…and we all got to know each other better.


We did some Agile fundamentals with Boost Agile before we got scared by a HUGE questionnaire (to do list) from Glen… then we were steadied by Nick Churchouse who got Lean with a Business Model Canvas.

We set up a KanBan board…


…and did our first Customer Value Proposition…filled with assumptions at this stage.


The R9 team gave us Comms advice (thanks Ed and Hannah), and Insight team wowed us with graphs of areas to dig into (thanks Paul and Joe).

We heard about what makes teams on Accelerators work best. Then the Alumni from Accelerator v1.0 imparted their wise words to us before we finished the week with our wacky hats in a Boot Camp Social!

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Ed, who couldn’t get his secondment approved – we will miss you!

And through all that we managed to steal away some important time to start talking to farmers – and start the Lean Startup journey for real – DO – MEASURE – LEARN. We quickly realised some of those assumptions we started with don’t look so solid now, which is great Validated Learning. BUT they have some BIG pain points in common, that they REALLY want solved…

Week One Accelerator here we come…