The Management page enables you manage a client after you Proceed to Sign or Proceed to IDV.  You can see statuses, add and edit details, and carry out actions to manage clients.

How it works

You open the Management page by clicking on the client in the Dashboard.

The above screen displays the following sections:

Client Details

Lists the parties to the agreement.

Status & Actions

See the current status of the agreement and the available actions for this status.

Client List

Track the signing and/or IDV method and status for the people on the agreement. Select the tab with the persons name on it to display their details. The edit button lets you correct details or change to a different method. You can also add a person for ID verification from this section.

AML Customer Due Diligence

This section will only show for AML agreements. You and open it to review and update information, open an AML report or see AML statistics. When all AML CDD steps are completed you can use the AML complete button to record this and change the agreement status to complete.

Signing and ID Verification

You can review the details of the agreement and all authorities in this section.