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AML Bureau Service

Is AML like this? Then try 2Shakes Bureau Service.

2Shakes AML Bureau Service takes the hassle of AML Customer Due Diligence work off your hands.  While still keeping you in control of the outcome and full visibility of the records.

How it works

You provide us information on who your customer is and their risk level.

A 2Shakes experienced AML consultant will work to:

  • determine who the beneficial owners are
  • request identity and address information from the people for IDV
  • run identity verification checks
  • run address checks
  • run foreign politically exposed people checks
  • records proof of wealth and source of funds
  • deal with trusts
  • deal with listed companies
  • deal with foreign companies
  • provide the CDD results for each person
  • provide an AML report for auditing
  • provide an AML statistics report on CDD to assist with your annual report to DIA

You can review the outcome of all checks and confirm that CDD is complete.  Its all recorded securely and safely in our cloud software solution.  For you, your staff, your AML compliance officer, your auditor or your AML supervisor to review.



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