2 S H A K E S

Effortless Onboarding & AML CDD

AML Auditing Service

We offer a comprehensive AML Auditing service exclusive to customers on the 2Shakes platform.

The AML CFT Act requires all reporting entities to undergo an independent audit every three years.  2Shakes undertakes audits for our customers at a great price, by utilising our AML software platform. Our software makes it easy to share information and AML CDD records.  Then we pass on these time and effort savings to you. 

2Shakes have developed a comprehensive and efficient audit system workflow ensuring that we efficiently cover all aspects required in an audit.  Providing you with an excellent assessment of the Policy, Procedure and Controls you have in place to respond to the money laundering and financing terrorism risks identified by your business.    

At the end of the audit process we provide you with a comprehensive report of findings that you can use to complete your AML annual report to your supervisor.          

How it works

The 2Shakes AML Audit is carried out remotely, with as little disruption to your routine as possible:

  1. Initial 30-minute Zoom meeting to help you prepare.
  2. You upload any required information not currently in 2Shakes.
  3. We carry out a systematic check of your Risk Assessment and AML Programme. This includes:
    • Assessing if your AML policies, procedures and controls are based on the Risk Assessment
    • All policies, procedures and controls have been adequately designed and effectively
      operated through the audit period
    • Reviewing a sample of your Customer Due Diligence records in 2Shakes to assess
      alignment with your AML Programme

We then provide you with an Audit Report showing the level of compliance, effectiveness of Risk
Assessment and AML Programme application. We also identify any shortcomings and recommended
amendments to existing AML documents and procedures.

Finally, we invite you to join us for a Zoom meeting to review the report and answer any questions
you might have.

The whole Audit process is designed to provide you the maximum level of assurance and value, while minimising disruption to you and your staff.