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Learn how to do AML Customer Due Diligence (CDD) in our FREE Training environment.

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Watch video to find out about AML and Customer Due Diligence (CDD).

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2Shakes client onboarding automation handles Signup, Authorities and AML CDD.

How 2Shakes Helps With Your AML Customer Due Diligence

Capture AML Records
Select CDD level per entity, capture Nature and Purpose, store your Risk Assessment.
Find Beneficial Owners
Decide the natural people to ID verify from a list of directors and people with over 25% Beneficial Ownership
Electronic IDV
Passport/Drivers Licence, Address & DoB, PEP & Sanctions. Full report provided.
Built-in Reporting
AML Report per client. Detailed statistics for your annual compliance report.
Ownership Structure
See the Entity Ownership diagram using NZBN lookups of Companies Office.
Trusts & Foreign Co's
See where additional investigation is needed for trusts and foreign companies.
Manual IDV
Follow your own IDV process, upload documents and log notes on IDV activities.
Save on Audits
Use an Auditor like Silks Audit who knows 2Shakes and save up to 25% on audit fees.
Enhanced DD
Tick legislated factors for EDD. Automated source of funds request and secure upload.
More Help With Trusts
You’re prompted for the additional specific information required for each type of trust.
In Person or Remote
Carry out IDV face to face with your client, or do it remotely via our automated workflow.
Training & Support
Online help includes links to legislation. Free Training environment builds confidence.
AML Officer Approval
The AML Compliance Officer can review and approve that CDD is complete for the client.
Notes & Files
Capture a narrative of your CDD activity and upload documents in Notes & Files.
Peace of Mind
Your information is resilient and safe on Microsoft’s world-class Azure Platform.

Important Disclaimer: Reporting entities subject to AML/CFT legislation must develop and operate their own AML programme, and have sole responsibility in determining the suitability of any part of that Programme, including any software tools used.  2Shakes is a software tool supplied subject to our Terms of Use.

Please view these testimonials from some of our customers

2Shakes integrates with NZ government agencies, is a Xero Connected App, and is built in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Looking for AML help, Setting up your Programme, Audits and Reporting?

Need One on One AML Advice? Have tricky AML and reporting questions you need answered?  Then contact Trish Madison, an AML certified expert, at Audits AML.
Audits AML NZ Limited: Provide AML audits for smaller accounting firms, tax agents and bookkeepers.
Are you a Real Estate Agent? Have a look at Real Estate Authority website. Read DIA’s Real Estate Agent Guidelines. 2Shakes can help with section 5. Do you know your client (also known as KYC).
Are you an Accountant, Tax Agent or Bookkeeping Practice who wants to put your AML/CFT programme together yourself? Then Aro Advisers can help with a package of resources focused specifically on the accounting sector. These resources can save you days and days of effort. Aro Advisers also show you their own documents as examples. Aro Advisers are well established 2Shakes users, so you can see how they have incorporated our software into their AML programme.
2Shakes discount on Aro Advisers AML package.
Are you a bigger practice wanting to engage an experienced AML consultant?  Then you could contact Compliance Plus.  Well established with a legal background and a wealth of AML experience they can help with all facets of AML including some of those curly questions you might have. Compliance Plus can also provide AML staff training, and pre-audit reviews.
Are you a member of CAANZ (Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand)? 
CAANZ have created AML guidance documents and webinars for their members.
Do you need an independent and appropriately qualified AML Auditor? 
Silks Audit are a firm of experienced Accounting & AML auditors. Silks Audit are available to perform your AML/CFT programme two yearly audit.  Using 2Shakes means that Silks Audit can offer a 20 – 25% discount on your AML audits, because Cameron and the team understand 2Shakes and can access your 2Shakes AML records remotely. Remember – although your first audit is in 2 years’ time, it is really valuable to discuss your programme with an auditor as early as you can, and make sure you are covering your compliance requirements.
DIA Accounting Sector Guide and other links
You can download the DIA Accounting Sector guide directly from DIA website using this Accounting Sector Guide link.  If you have confirmed that AML applies to you then you should also download the Sector Risk Assessment as well as the NZ Police FIU Guide to registering for goAML. If after reading this information you need to check in with DIA, then remember you can ask for clarification about AML/CFT using this email