Everyone is saying 2019 is a really busy year – and it’s the same here at 2Shakes – can you believe it’s nearly March already?

First off, a quick shout out to Digital Identity NZ.  DINZ wants to make it easier to prove your identity, digitally, in New Zealand, and 2Shakes is really proud to be a founding member.

In this update….

  • The answers to the 5 top things we get asked: Find out the answers to the most common questions 2Shakes gets asked.
  • Solving Paperwork Problems: How AccountSolutions solved the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association’s paperwork problems using 2Shakes
  • 2Shakes gets a face lift: A fresh new look is coming, get a sneak peak.
  • Cutting Red tape: Find out how the Innovation Fund powered by Westpac and All of Government helped co-fund 2Shakes to include AML compliance.
  • 2Shakes is going South: 2Shakes are off to Nelson. We are going to the visit ICBNZBAI Bookkeepers and have a booth at the ATAINZ annual conference. Come meet us and ask questions.

The top 5 things we get asked

Here at 2Shakes we get asked some interesting questions. Reflecting on the past 6 months we have complied a short list answers to some common questions.

  • How do I read the electronic Identity Verification (eIDV) report? To understanding the results of the range of checks that make up an electronic ID Verification, find out more here.
  • What if the customer is owned by a trust? 2Shakes helps you to sign up, get authority, or perform AML CDD on a trust, find out more here.
  • What if the customer is a deceased estate? If you are acting for a deceased estate you’ll need to work with the executors, find out more here.
  • Can I do AML without signing up a client? 2Shakes released an AML Only option find out more here about the difference between Sign Up and AML Only.
  • How do I set up 2Shakes to work for me? Frequently asked questions include changing the logo and catering for Terms and Conditions to suit different services or types of clients, find out more here.

2Shakes offers a totally unique set of features to help you onboard clients, get authority to act for them, and carry out AML Customer Due Diligence.  Better still –  2Shakes is free for 10 uses!  After that you can choose the $30 monthly plan or the $20 pay as you go plan. Our electronic IDV is only $5 and includes an address and a PEP check. Our support from NZ government and others means you get a premium product at a great price, find out more here.

Solving Paperwork Problems

How AccountSolutions solved the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association’s paperwork problems using 2Shakes

2Shakes is cloud onboarding and AML software. Sure it makes signing up your own clients quick and easy. But onboarding is a common business problem. So why not use 2Shakes to help your clients with onboarding THEIR clients? That’s exactly what Trish Broking did, and it absolutely delighted her client UMF.

“…the automation of it, the collation of it – I can’t ask for more. It’s VERY efficient. Before it was all over the show. Now with 2Shakes it’s simple and it saves a lot of problems.”

Read here to find out more.

Face Lift for 2Shakes

2Shakes is getting a fresh new look.

After 3 years of our original look, we have decided it is time for a spring clean. Don’t worry, the way 2Shakes works will stay just the same. We just have clearer lines and new colours. We will be moving our new look 2Shakes into the training environment soon for you to have a look, then into the Production environment.

Cutting Red Tape

How the Innovation Fund helped co-fund 2Shakes to include AML compliance

2Shakes state of the art AML compliance onboarding software is helping AML Phase 2 Reporting Entities meet their AML compliance needs. The reality of that is that every day there are Bookkeepers, Accountants, Real Estate Agents, Lawyers and many others using 2Shakes for their AMLCustomer Due Diligence.  If you are a Reporting Entity we automatically expand and graph company ownership structure,integrate Identity verification, and support ALL the Customer Due Diligence you need to do.  This sets you up for audits, monitoring and annual reporting.

‘Now that 2Shakes has made AML compliance easier, business owners can focus on their core product or service – and the New Zealand small business sector can continue to flourish.’

And we could do all of this, because of the co-funding we received from the Innovation Fund powered by Westpac and All of Government.  Read here to find out more.

Going South – Will we see you here?

2Shakes are heading to the top of the South Island next week.

NZ Bookkeepers (ICBNZBAI)

2Shakes will be talking with members from the Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers in Nelson on the 28th February If you are a member in the top of the South Island please come along – we’d love to see you there.  We will be talking about how to streamline your onboarding process, get clients set up and all things AML CDD.

Accountants & Tax Agents (ATAINZ)

2Shakes have a booth at the ATAINZ (Accountants and Tax Agents Institute of NZ) annual conference in Nelson on the 1st and 2nd of March.  If you are a tax agent, then now is an excellent time to sort out your client onboarding, engagement letter, terms and conditions, services fees and AML Customer Due Diligence.  With 2Shakes you can sign up clients quickly and easily – all online.

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