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June Update

June 2021 Update Find out what the team have been working on, and what you can expect to see in the upcoming weeks in this June 2021 Update! Coming soon: 2Shakes Referral Program Do you love 2Shakes and think everyone should be using it? We want to reward you! We really appreciate how many of

Do you have Trust issues? Part 3

Do you have Trust issues? Part 3 AML Steps for Trusts with a Checklist for Compliance Officers Here is our third and final part of our Trust issues blog series. We have included step-by-step AML CDD for a Trust and a checklist for Compliance Officers. We first covered what a Trust is and why have

Do you have Trust issues? Part 2

Do you have Trust issues? Part 2 This is our second blog post on doing AML CDD on Trusts. We will cover Trust roles, who needs to be ID verified and what to do when a company is owned by a Trust. Part one covered what a Trust is and why have one, Enhanced Due

Digital, Biometric Onboarding & AML for the Accounting sector

Accountants and Tax Agents – Go Digital The worlds just a bit different now.. Once clients would be happy to come in to visit Accountants and Tax Agents in person.  Now many want the option to engage remotely. Professional services and Tax Agents are seeing an increase in demand to do business digitally. COVID –

2Shakes Privacy Update
Privacy Updates

2Shakes Privacy Update New Zealand’s current Privacy Law was 27 years old and was refreshed from 1 December 2020. In this 2Shakes Privacy Update, find out about some the changes that came and what 2Shakes does that you should be aware of. Key changes You can find resources on the Privacy Commissioners website about the changed legislation.

Key Learnings, Free Webinar And More

Hi there, If you are an AML Phase 2 reporting entity, we know these are busy times.  In the second year of AML, you will soon be submitting your second Annual Report to DIA, and completing your first two-yearly AML Audit – if you haven’t already been audited.  Read on for some tips and advice to help you

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April Update

April Update We hope you and your families are safe and well. Like you, we are doing our best to balance work and home, stay mentally and physically healthy, and be there for family and friends. We’re keeping this month’s update short so we don’t add too much to the many Covid-19 emails you’ll be receiving.

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March Update

In this update…. OCDD: Ongoing CDD is Live and getting great feedback! PEP Checks for Manual IDV: They’re Live too! ATAINZ Conference: Another great event, this time in Taupo. Xero Practice Manager:  Help us improve our time-saving integration. Ongoing Records Management: Adding extra value with Renewals! 2Tips: A couple of tips to make 2Shakes even better for you. Ongoing CDD is Live