How authorities work

Authorities (or delegations) are a type of relationship status that organisations use to confirm that you can act on behalf of a person, account or entity.  When authorities have been set up with an organisation, they will allow you access to information and give you ability to perform some transactions for your clients. The process for getting authorities set up, what they allow you to do, and how they are managed is different for each organisation.  2Shakes simplifies this complexity for you and your clients.

Where 2Shakes gets your recognised

2Shakes currently works with:

Inland Revenue: It sets you up to allow you to call and correspond with Inland Revenue on behalf of your clients. Please note this does not set you up with myIR access.  If there are changes to online access online through myIR as part of IR transformation programme 2Shakes will aim to improve our service to users accordingly.

Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC): It sets you up to call and correspond with ACC on behalf of your clients.  If you have ACC online account then it will also give you the ability to link in to see your clients details through ACC online. If there are changes to ACC Online as part of ACC transformation programme 2Shakes will aim to improve our service to users accordingly.

MBIE – Companies Office: It sets you up to access your clients company details online through the companies office website.  Gaining Authority to a client’s company details from companies office also gives authority to update the primary data set held against the NZ Business Number (NZBN) for that company.

Xero: 2Shakes integrates with Xero Practice Manager and Xero Workflow Max to allow you to create new client accounts from the information you can captured in 2Shakes.

Authority Letter: 2Shakes creates signed letters of authority from you customers that can be shown to Banks, Insurance Companies and Utility companies.  These letters provide validation that your client trusts you to act on their behalf.  Our customers have found these letters to be valuable.  However, we cannot guarantee that they will always be accepted as each organisations will have its own unique policies and procedures.

Getting set up

Organisations need you to identify yourself with them, so that they know who is acting for the client.  In the profile section we capture the following authority information from you.  This is a one off set up process, do it once and you don’t need to redo it each time you sign up a client.

  1. Log in to 2Shakes and go to the Profile – Authorities screen
  2. IRD – enter your IRD number in the Profile – Authorities screen.  We will use this IRD number as the party requesting authority. Find more information on the Inland Revenue authority. 
  3. Companies Office
    • Set up organisational account with Companies Office.  Enter the name and position of the Companies office account holder and select the tick box.
    • Click on Send Code to send a confirmation code to your mobile number. Enter this code and sign.
    • Click on Get Authorised to ‘punch’ out to the companies website.  Enter your real me log on details here. This will authorise 2Shakes to send Companies office authority requests in.
    • More info on setting up Companies Office.
  4. Xero Practice Manager and Workflow Max the Get Authorised button will ‘punch’ out to the Practice Manager website.  Enter your log on details here.  This will authorise 2Shakes to send new client details to your account.

Revoking an Authority

If you no longer need to have authority over an account you need to revoke the authority

If you are unsure of any part of the process, or need further information, please either contact the organisation you are dealing with or email