Use premier Biometric ID Verification

Use the premier biometric ID system the banks use to verify identity, address, PEP status.

For Free!

The full Biometric ID package (Biometric ID, electronic ID, address verification and PEP) is going to be charged at $12.50, BUT for a limited time, you can choose Biometric ID verification and only pay the standard $5 for electronic ID verification, saving you $7.50. You can use it as many times as you like until the end of January 2020 – all we ask is that you give us some feedback. Don’t miss out on this is a limited offer. Watch our Webinar to see how it works.

What Biometric IDV does?

It compares photo, video and data against multiple trusted sources from NZ government, international sanctions and watchlists, banks, telecos, and utility providers. We match hundreds of facial measurements to see if the person sitting in front of their phone, matches the photo identity document. 

When to use it?

If you are seeking to act on behalf of a client with government, or are an AML CFT reporting entity then you will need to verified the identity of people you are dealing with.  Doing due diligence checks on people you deal with is the prudent way to avoid fraud.

Biometric identity verification makes identity fraud really hard to do, so it is great when you:

  • want to provide a high end & professional experience for your clients
  • can’t meet in person
  • need colour scans or photocopies of ID
  • need high privacy and security for the ID data you hold
  • are tired of hassling clients to bring you their documents
  • have a higher need to manage risk (EDD or trusts)
  • want something easy and fun for your clients to complete

How does it work?

When you select the Biometric option in 2Shakes it sends an email to your client.  They launch the ID process on their mobile phone.  When they have finished, we notify you.

Biometric ID verification

Biometric IDV process for clients

Results are all stored securely in the 2Shakes platform. It is easy to find, track and report as the ID results are grouped with all the clients relevant CDD data in one place.  Letting you keep track of multiple ID verifications for the same client/business group.

Ready to get started?

If your already a 2Shakes customer then just select the Biometric IDV option. You can find out more details on our support page.  If your not a 2Shakes customer, then what are you waiting for?  Sign up for a new account today and try biometric ID verification in 2Shakes (for free!)