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Biometric IDV Updates

There are a few steps in Biometric IDV, and we’ve updated the Management page to give you more information and control along the way. We’ve also added in the ability to resend the Biometric IDV link during it’s 7-day valid period with no charge.

Here’s how it works. Regardless of whether you use Sign Up Only, Sign Up with AML, or AML Only, the most important change comes when the client enters their mobile phone number to receive the Biometric SMS link.

Before Entering Mobile – Bio Pending

Up until your client actually enters their number and is sent the SMS text:

  • The Biometric is “Pending” and not yet chargeable
  • Email links are valid for 2 weeks, and can be resent at no charge.
    • Please sign and complete Biometric IDV
    • Please complete Biometric IDV
  • When these expire there is no charge to send new links.
  • We now show you when the link will expire to make it easier:

After Entering Mobile – Bio SMS Sent

When your client enters their mobile phone number:

  • Our provider sends the SMS ID verification text
  • That SMS link is valid for 7 days (this is set by our provider and we can not change it yet – if and when we can we will extend it to 2 weeks).
  • The Biometric is “Biometric SMS Sent” and the Biometric add-on ($7.50 ex GST) is charged at that point
  • We send a follow up email to the client with the link in case the SMS doesn’t get through to them.

As well as showing Biometric SMS Sent, you now have three options:

  • Resend Bio IDV Link: This resends the 2Shakes email with the link.  It can be used at no charge during the 7 day validity of the SMS link, and is really useful if a client says they didn’t receive the link.
  • Change Bio IDV Phone: Use if you need to change the number the SMS is sent to. NB: We need to charge this at the Biometric add-on rate, since we get charged by our provider.
  • Change to Manual IDV: Reverts IDV to Manual, aborting the Biometric process. Any SMS texts sent prior will still be charged.

If the 7 days pass and the client has not completed IDV, the link will expire. You will then have the option to send a new SMS link (charged as a Biometric add-on), or revert to Manual IDV.

Edit Options

Also on the Management page, now when you Edit Options on a person you get a much nicer pop-up to make changes with, rather than the previous field edits. 

Biometric IDV Updates

As some of you will have seen already, now when you get a PEP hit you are able to download and review the PEP report directly in 2Shakes.

If you do get a Hit, you will see a new link to View PEP Hit Report in the person’s IDV Report.  Click the link to get the pop-up below:

As you can see, it is important to confirm whether or not the Hit is your actual client, or someone else, then take appropriate action.

Other Updates

As well as the Biometric IDV and PEP updates, we have made a few other minor changes to help you, including:

  • On a Sign Up Renewal, if you re-select a Government authority, and sub-boxes get automatically selected for you.
  • On a Renewal the emails sent to your client will use your current profile templates, rather than the emails that client originally received.
  • We have also made some updates to help process IDV’s when accented letters are used.

We really hope these updates help when you are using 2Shakes, and that you get lots of great value using them.

As always, if there's anything we can help with please reach out to the support team at support@2shakes.co.nz or use our Contact page.

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