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Monthly Update
August Update

August 2021 Update We hope you’ve been keeping well and are staying safe in your bubble.  In this August’s update, we are covering our latest highlights, updated guidelines from the AML Supervisors, and our newest team member! BOOKKEEPCON21 A big thank you to everyone who came along to see us at ICNZB’s annual Bookkeepers Conference! We

Monthly Update
July Update

July 2021 Update Check out what the team has been up to, along with what’s coming up. Referral Program Launched Our Referral Program is now live! Those of you on a paying plan will be able to see a referral link in your My Account page. Share your link with someone you think would love 2Shakes,

Monthly Update
May Update

May 2021 Update April has been a busy and productive month, with many great things on the horizon for 2Shakes! Find out what you can expect to see in the upcoming weeks. Part 3 of our Trust Blog Series + Upcoming Webinar The final instalment of our three-part blog series is here, covering Trust CDD

Monthly Update
Easter Update

Easter 2021 Update How was your month?  Over the last year we’ve seen big swings up and down for the sectors our customers operate in.  Last month we saw more activity across the board, which hopefully bodes well for the wider economic recovery from covid. As well as supporting all that awesome activity, we’ve had

Monthly Update

February 2021 Update We’ve hit the ground running with a busy first few months of 2021!  Here’s our 2Shakes February Update on what we’ve been up to and what is coming up for 2Shakes. 2Shakes Website Upgrade The 2Shakes website has recently had an upgrade, and its looking better then ever! The team has worked hard

2Shakes Privacy Update
Privacy Updates

New Zealand’s current Privacy Law is 27 years old.  Its due for a refresh and will change from 1 December this year.  Find out about some the changes that are coming in, what 2Shakes is doing and what you should be aware of. Key changes You can find resources on the Privacy Commissioners website about the changes

Monthly Update
April Update

April Update We hope you and your families are safe and well. Like you, we are doing our best to balance work and home, stay mentally and physically healthy, and be there for family and friends. We’re keeping this month’s update short so we don’t add too much to the many Covid-19 emails you’ll be receiving.

Monthly Update
March Update

In this update…. OCDD: Ongoing CDD is Live and getting great feedback! PEP Checks for Manual IDV: They’re Live too! ATAINZ Conference: Another great event, this time in Taupo. Xero Practice Manager:  Help us improve our time-saving integration. Ongoing Records Management: Adding extra value with Renewals! 2Tips: A couple of tips to make 2Shakes even better for you. Ongoing CDD is Live