And the winner is…..


R9 Accelerator Demo Day audience…..

We are delighted to announce that 2Shakes has been awarded due diligence funding by the panel on demo day.


2Shakes answers questions from the panel after pitching on Demo Day

It was a great day at the Embassy Theatre in Wellington for R9 Accelerator Demo Day. The Embassy had over 250 Ministers, Chief Executives, Senior Managers, and private sector investors, and was MC’ed by Anna Guenther (Founder and Chief Bubble Blower at PledgeMe).  After our pitch on demo day, the panel stayed to make a decision. On the panel was:

  • Naomi Fergussen (CEO of IRD)
  • David Smol (CEO of MBIE)
  • Marcel Van Den Assum (NZ Angel Investor)
  • Tenby Powell (Hunter Powell)
  • Carolyn Tremain Comptroller (Chief Executive) of Customs

Due Diligence Funding was awarded to Teams 2Shakes, Visard, Cohelix, Traject and OneX.  This is a small amount of money to help teams to continue working towards securing development funding. It also represents a vote of confidence from some very important people that we are on the right track, which is great validation.

IMG_0881 (1) - Copy

2Shakes has a drink with representatives from the NZ Bookkeepers Association – thanks for all your support!

And the validation wasn’t just from the panel.  The audience got to vote for their favorite team – and 2Shakes won the people choice award.  We are all very proud – thanks to everyone who voted.

We have loads more photos of the day on our website,  It’s great to see all the people who came to support the teams, support govtech innovation, and support making things better for business in New Zealand.

Watch our pitch

Missed demo day?  Want to see our pitch? Click here to see a 6 minute video from the day – or use this link


Cliff Bowden from NZBAI gives 2Shakes a great introduction



Mike pitches for 2Shakes

Want to know more about what the R9Accelerator is?  Check out some quick 2 minutes videos


Demo day got loads of twitter coverage.  #R9Accelerator trended number one in NZ on Demo Day Thursday – how cool!  You can see some of the coverage 2Shakes got on twitter on our website

Minister Woodhouse

And we had a busy week leading up to Demo Day too! Last week team 2Shakes met Minister Woodhouse, the Minister of Revenue, Immigration and Workplace Safety and Relations.  We have had fantastic engagement from Ministers during the R9Accelerator, and Minister Woodhouse was very encouraging of 2Shakes solution. We discussed with him how we can help business, including many he has a particular interest in – Bookkeepers, Accountants, and Immigration Advisers.  It is great to be supported as we work hard to make it better for business in NZ.


Pictured Caroline Dodds and Mike Kelly from team 2Shakes with Minister Woodhouse.

MBIE CEO – David Smol

Mike gave David Smol, CEO of MBIE , a sneak preview of our pitch before Demo Day. Afterwards David took time to discuss the ideas and concepts, and had lots of great questions for us. Thanks for taking time to support and help our work David.

David Smol (CEO MBIE)

David Smol (CEO MBIE) seated centre.

What Now?

Well, after a well deserved day off, we are back into it. Our pitch was an ask – to get funding to develop a solution to a real problem facing NZ businesses and Government.

We’ll keep you posted on how we go securing that funding during Due Diligence.

All the best,

Team 2Shakes