In this update….
This update is focused on some NZ Government changes and what they may mean for you:
  • DIA Passports – Update on the nationwide change affecting all platforms including 2Shakes
  • DIA Forms Deadline – The 31st of October is fast approaching, get your forms in ASAP
  • DINZ – Getting involved in making Digital Identity easier for all of New Zealand.
  • Hawkes Bay Bookkeepers – Ata and Mike were invited to demo 2Shakes for onboarding and AML
  • 2Shakes is growing! Putting faces to the names in the 2Shakes team.
  • 2Tips – A couple of useful tips when you are using 2Shakes – Archiving, and the eIDV Report.

DIA Passport Verification

The change 
“..moving forward the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) will only approve Agencies (or Reporting Entities) to use the Confirmation Service who have the ultimate relationship with the person consenting to have their information verified.”

We hope you have seen lots from us on this.  From the 31st October, anyone wanting to access DIA’s Passport Verification Service needs to submit an application and get DIA’s approval.

This change affects all platforms and service organisations that access the Passport Verification Service on behalf of their customers, including 2Shakes. If you want the option to electronically verify your customers’ Passports, you need to complete the DIA form regardless of who you use to do the verification.

There are lots of benefits in electronically verifying passports using 2Shakes:

  • It is incredibly quick to send the client email request within 2Shakes, while you are already in the process of Sign Up/AML Due Diligence.
  • Your client can fill in their details when and where it suits them.
  • The verification report is available automatically within 2Shakes – not another app.
  • Electronic ID verification is really good value – we can’t see how you could do ID Verification manually for less than $5!

See below for more info on competing the forms is you can continue to use the Passport Verification Service after 31st October.

DIA Passport Verification Service Deadline

To keep the option of electronic ID using Passports as well as Driver Licenses in 2Shakes without interruptions, you will need to be approved by DIA before 31st October. The application process involves filling out two forms and sending them in to with your privacy policy.

Please be aware that the approval time for DIA forms can take several weeks. We expect this time to increase closer to the deadline as intermediaries nationwide will also be wanting approval.

What this means for me

  • If you have not submitted any forms before October 31st…
    • Your clients will not be able to be able to use their Passport for electronic ID verification in 2Shakes until you have applied and been approved by DIA.
  • If you submitted your forms before October 31st, and DIA has not approved your application before the end of the month…
    • Your clients will not be able to be able to use their Passport for electronic ID verification in 2Shakes until your application is approved.
    • When we have received DIA’s approval of your application, your clients will again have the option to use their Passport to verify their identity.

I haven’t received confirmation that my forms have been approved?
Don’t worry, we will be in touch if any further action is required.

And remember – it takes DIA time to process your form – so to make sure you can use Passports after 31st October, you need to get your forms in now, thanks!

Next Steps

  1. If you haven’t already been sent the links, contact and we will send you the forms.
  2. DIA require you to complete the forms in a specific way.  Our website has information to help you with this.
  3. Submit the complete forms to and we will submit them for you.

Check out our new Help With DIA Forms web page!

Digital Identity New Zealand

2Shakes is a founding member of Digital Identity New Zealand, an organisation formed take a united approach to Digital Identity in NZ.

For us, we hear from clients (and their clients) how Identity needs to be verified over and over – for the Bookkeeper, the Accountant, the Real Estate Agent, the Lawyer, the Bank, and Government! We and other members of DINZ believe there is a better way, and we want to work together to make that better way inclusive for all New Zealanders.

After a year on the Establishment Board, Mike recently joined the Executive Committee.  He is hoping the real stories and experiences of 2Shakes customers can help shape the future direction of Digital Identity in NZ, so if you have an opinion that you want heard, drop Mike an email.

And if you want to find out more, for yourself or for your organisation, please check out the DINZ website for more info.

ICNZB Hawkes Bay

We were really happy to be invited to Napier to present at the Hawkes Bay meeting of the Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers.

A big thanks to the Hawkes Bay bookkeepers, especially Leaine Jones for organising it. Both Ata and Mike had a great time demo’ing 2Shakes for AML and onboarding.  Thanks for all the great feedback, and the lovely HB Rose!

Mike and Ata with Leaine Jones (on Ata’s left) and the ICNZB Hawkes Bay bookkeepers.

The 2Shakes Team

Emailing or calling in, and want to put a face to the name? No problem, here’s the 2Shakes Team pic!

Team 2Shakes from left: Cliff Bowden, Tarryn Palmer, Mike Kelly, Ata McGregor, Daniel McFadyen.


Have a client that no longer requires your services, or didn’t go ahead? Use the Archive function to remove the client from your Dashboard.

Remember – Archived clients will not show in your AML statistics.

eIDV Report
Wondering why a client was unable to be electronically verified?

You can click through to the Report and see what hasn’t verified, as well as view client-entered details.

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