Has this ever happened to you?

Watch the video prototype we made with NZBAI and our supporters.  In 5 minutes find out why 2Shakes is working so hard to make it better for bookkeepers….

This video prototype was so much fun to create, and describes the frustrating process that we want to remove. 2Shakes want to:

  • Make it easy to offer a professional and smooth sign up experience for clients
  • Capture agreements online. Replacing paper with digital makes it easy to find & share information.
  • Integrate with Companies Office, pulling down company data to save time retyping it.
  • Integrate with Bookkeeper systems, to upload new client data to save data re-entry time.
  • Set up authorities, to get Bookkeepers recognised by the agencies they need to work with.
  • Let organisations know who they can safely share client data with.

Here’s some quick comments from bookkeepers on how 2Shakes helps them, to help sole traders and small businesses.

Does the story of this video sound familiar? Can you think of similar experiences you have had? If so we would love to hear about them. Use our Sign up page to contact us and we can explain how 2Shakes can help you.

Announcing and Thanking our 2Shakes Sponsors


2Shakes would like to sincerely thank the following organisations for making a financial committment.  Their funding means that we can develop the first release of our software solution:

  • ACC
  • Business.Govt.NZ
  • Data Futures Partnership

We are also very grateful for the support and services we are receiving from:

  • Microsoft
  • Chapman Tripp
  • Result 9 Better for Business Programme
  • Creative HQ
  • NZ Bookkeepers Association

All our supporters came together at Creative HQ last Wednesday to “RING THE BELL”.

Pictured Above L-R: (Alan Hucks (Creative HQ), Linda Oliver (R9), Mike Kelly (2Shakes), Ata McGregor (2Shakes), Camille Mosely (Data Futures), Caroline Dodds-behind (2Shakes), Lisa Martin-front (NZBAI), Josh Blackmore (Chapman Tripp),  Murray Beer (Microsoft), Joel Rayen (ACC), Matt Kennedy-Good (Business.Govt).


And of course a huge thank you to all the Bookkeepers who have agreed to be Early Adopters customers – here are some of them!


Our 1st Sprint Iteration has begun…

Work has begun on our first  software development sprint.  We are working on the Log in and client details section of the agreement.  We have also started to work on the ACC authority and agreement preview screen.

Massive thanks to the Early Adopters who have completed the Survey.  Results are still coming in, but we have learned some really useful things from your feedback, all of which will make our software work better for you!

We will demonstrate our progress every second Thursday.  The demonstrations are for Stakeholders and Early Adopter Bookkeepers to review our progress and provide timely feedback, either in person at Creative HQ in Dixon Street, or via video conference.

We can also send updates out to for those stakeholders and early adopters who can’t attend demonstration sessions.  If you would like more details please contact Ata@2Shakes.co.nz.

2Shakes heads to the NZBAI Annual Conference

Mike and Ata are heading up to the NZBAI Annual Conference next Friday. We will show our video and pitch our ideas to around 100 bookkeepers.

We wanted to do a little something for the conference bag.  Luckily Oliver on team 2Shakes is a bit of a 3D printer expert!  He designed us a 2S key ring especially for the conference participants.

What does the production of 100 3D printed key rings look like…. Something like this….

The Making of 120 2S Key Rings