How are 2Shakes getting on in Due Diligence…..


….thanks for asking, it’s going really well!

2Shakes is working with a number of organisations to fund, support and prototype with us.  This stage of confirming support is the Due Diligence period.  During this time we will change these email updates to fortnightly.  Due diligence will complete by the end of July, after which we can begin to build the initial 2Shakes solution for Bookkeepers.  We are happy to report that in our first fortnight, our negotiations have gone really well…. and we hope to have some good news to share with your soon.

2Shakes pitches to ACC’s CEO

Scott Pickering & Phil Riley from ACC came to visit Creative HQ last week. We did our pitch and had a chat about what we are doing.  They both really liked our pitch!  Much like Minister Wagner, they could immediately see how our work could extend to also help individuals.  Both Scott and Phil were very supportive of what we were doing.  So much so that Scott even rang the Creative HQ bell for 2Shakes.

Scott rings Bell crop
Scott Pickering rings the bell at Creative HQ for 2Shakes (Phil Reily in the background).

ACC are working with PWC to look at how their business customers can better interact digitally with ACC. Ata from 2Shakes attended a workshop to work up ideas with ACC.   ACC are considering ways to make it better for bookkeepers and accountants as well.  It was a really fun session. If you are a bookkeeper who is interested in helping ACC with their digital solution, please let me know.

GOVIS pitch for NZBN

Last week 2Shakes we were invited to co-present with the NZBN team at GOVIS.  The GOVIS conference theme was looking at disruptive innovation across government.

Above: 2Shakes on the GOVIS programe

The 2Shakes solution uses NZBN in a couple of clever ways.  Firstly we link into the NZBN data to pull company and director details into our sign up form.  Then we use the NZBN to help organisations receiving authority requests identify businesses.  For example bookkeepers we have spoken to say that their clients have a hard time remembering their ACC number.  We want to provide the NZBN so that we don’t need to use the ACC number to set up authorities at ACC.

Above: Ata and Mike from 2Shakes, with Karla Flood from NZBN after we all finished presenting at GOVIS

Integrating with Xero Practice Manager

Xero practice manager is the first of the our accounting packages that 2Shakes will integrate with. Our 2Shakes developers are talking to Xero developers. There is potential for some cool things 2Shakes might do with Xero down the line.  But as always, we will let you know how this unfolds.

Video Prototyping Session – Fri 8th July

2Shakes are working with the NZ Bookkeepers Association Executive to run a prototyping session.  In just 2 hours we will act out the process of signing up clients.  We will explore how bookkeepers get set up with authority to act for clients.  Then we will look at how 2Shakes can help.

The output is a short video.  It shows a story of a better way of working in a way that is easy for everyone to understand.  Please contact me if you are interested in being involved.  We want to get lots of different perspectives involved.  If you are in an organisation that wants to understand how bookkeepers and business set up authorities, this session could be the best 2 hours you spend all month!
Want to be involved?  Email and I can let you know more.

Watch our pitch

Speaking of videos – did you miss demo day?  Do you want to see our pitch?
Click here to see a 6 minute video from the day – or use this link

Mike Pitch YouTubeThere are also links to other teams on Demo Day – check them out if you get a chance – there are lots of cool things happening in the R9 Accelerator. And if you want to know more about what the R9Accelerator is, check out some quick 2 minutes videos: