How DO bookkeepers sign up clients?

2Shakes is committed to working with bookkeepers to design a solution that REALLY works for them.  We have asked bookkeepers to be early adopters to help us get it right. We listen to our early adopter bookkeepers’ opinions, practices and preferences to let them shape what we build. We have completed our first survey to find out how early adopters sign up clients.  We learned that….

  • Sign up happens all the time:
    Most Bookkeepers sign up new clients every month (72%).  Bookkeepers sign up clients all year around, but 40% have a busy period around the end of the financial year.
  • Authority set up is multi-organisation:
    Results show that IRD, Banks, ACC, and Companies Office are rated as must have or very useful authorities by over 80% of bookkeepers surveyed.  Other organisations are involved too!
  • Set up involves chasing and nagging:
    Most Bookkeepers (65%) have to chase clients for information either all the time or frequently.

Want to know more? We have included some of the statistics and graphs collected in this survey in a short report on the Research page of our website: Bookkeeper Survey1_2Shakes.

Thank you to all our early adopters who completed our first survey! We will be back in touch with you every few weeks, over the next 3-4 months.

Get involved – Session to understand the Bookkeepers Experience

This Friday at 2pm 2Shakes is working with the NZ Bookkeepers Association to look at how bookkeepers sign up and get authority for clients. Bookkeepers told us that authority is multi-agency…so together with Bookkeepers we have also invited representatives from ACC, IRD, Companies Office, NZBN,, NZ Post and a bank.

Above: Process effort slides from demo day.

The output is a short ‘video prototype’ telling the bookkeepers’ story.  To give you an idea of what we will do, here’s an example of a video prototype created for MBIE and NZ Post looking at Managing change for business.

Get Involved to find out more about bookkeepers, small business, or authority set up processes. If you are a bookkeeper or if you provide services to bookkeepers that require authoriations please contact me, ( We do have capacity for some additional attendees.

R9 Post Accelerator Support Programme

The R9 Accelerator programme continues to make huge strides in helping teams succeed.
Photo Above: Brett Holland from CHQ takes the teams through the next phase of support – thanks R9 and CHQ.

R9 and Creative HQ have done great work to develop a Post Accelerator Support Programme (PASP) for the fledgling teams. 2Shakes will get the continued support of both the R9 Programme and Creative HQ over the next 9 months.  Teams get guidance and help, government gets continued involvement and progress visibility, and NZ businesses  get to work with us to achieve results – which is what R9 is about – Better for Business.

A big thanks to the R9 Programme and to Creative HQ for all their help.


2Shakes sees big benefits in using the New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) in smart ways to save Bookkeepers, Businesses and Organisations time and hassle.  We say, don’t make business repeat itself – just use the NZBN!

The NZBN is a unique business identifier. It’s a way we can reduce the time and energy businesses spend providing government the same information in different ways. Right now every company registered in New Zealand has an NZBN. At the end of 2016 NZBNs will be allocated to other kinds of businesses including sole traders, charities and partnerships. If you have 1 minute to spare, watch the NZBN awareness video or you can visit to find out more.

Funding starts to come to R9 Accelerator….

It is now the halfway point of the due diligence funding period on the R9 Accelerator. All the teams have been busy meeting, discussing, negotiating, drafting proposals to move forward.  We have had loads of support from the R9 programme. So much so, that even though we are halfway through due diligence some of the R9 teams already had their funding confirmed!

Photo Above: We love the energy from Nic, Dan and Alex above from Team Cohelix, ringing the Creative HQ “success!” bell.

It’s also going really well for 2Shakes – we are close to confirming a number of agreements, and should have something official to announce to you soon!

Watch this space….