Who is ringing 2Shakes’ Bell ?

2Shakes’ supporters are coming to ring the ‘success’ bell at Creative HQ.  On Wednesday 27th July we are having an announcement event for our funders and to say thank you for everyone who has helped us.


The R9 Accelerator ‘due diligence’ phase finishes on the 30th of July. 2Shakes is announcing and acknowledging our formal supporters who will help us progress to the next phase: Building our first Prototype solution for Bookkeepers.

We are also grateful to everyone who has supported us by providing encouragement, advice, time and information. We would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to those who have helped!

We’ll send you coverage of the event in our next update!

Bookkeeper’s Video Prototype  Session

Video Workshop_1

On Friday 8th of July the NZ Bookkeepers Association came together with representatives from government and the private sector.

We captured the bookkeepers’ story of signing up and getting Authority to Act for their clients.  It was fun, it was fast paced and it was fascinating to see it all brought to life. Huge thanks to everyone who came, helped and participated!

Video Workshop_3

All this is captured as a short video, which tells the story in a fun way. We will send you a link as soon as it is ready – the draft looks fantastic!

Building the Solution – Development begins

With the due diligence phase coming to a close 2Shakes is now focused on developing our solution.  We will use an Agile approach.  This means that we describe how 2Shakes will work as User Stories.  Each fortnight we select the user stories we will develop over the next two weeks. For example one of the first user stories we are developing are:

LOG ON: “As a Bookkeeper I want a log on to the 2Shakes system so that I can use the platform with my preferences and information set up for me”

At the beginning of each fortnight we ask both early adopter bookkeepers, as well as partner organisations for any information we need.  Then at the end of each fortnight we will demonstrate our progress.

After 3 months we are aiming to release something to market, that is of real value to bookkeepers, to businesses and to government.

Meet our Developers

Oliver Seiler

Oliver Seiler has now joined the 2Shakes team full time.  Oliver has a huge wealth of experience and technical expertise that he can use to help build an amazing solution for bookkeepers.  Oliver was born and raised in Germany, and developed a passion for Cryptography at University. He worked as a software engineer and an IT architect in Germany for a number of organisations, before coming to NZ on holiday. After seeing NZ, Oliver was hooked!  He decided NZ was the place for him. Oliver moved here in 2008 and has worked for a range of Government departments in NZ.


Identity Management and Biometrics

Oliver has a strong background in Identity Management and Biometrics. He worked on facial recognition software for the German Government as well as for DIA to check passport photos in NZ for the passport redevelopment project. He has also advised Customs and MPI on the use of Biometrics for the Joint Border Management System and worked for NZ Immigration before joining 2Shakes.

ppt-photo-security.jpg (320×180)

Identity is crucial to signing an agreement.  The 2Shakes platform will ensure that both the bookkeeper and their client really are who they say they are, when they digitally sign agreements online.

Integrating Government with APIs

Oliver was the technical lead for the API integration work run from the Result 9 programme at MBIE.  Oliver has loads of experience working with IT architects across a range of NZ government agencies (GCIO, DIA, IR, ACC, MBIE, Immigration, Customs, Statistics, NZTE, LINZ, 18F in the US), and is well connected with other local and international API Evangelists.

While our solution delivers savings for Government from day one, significant further savings come from integration – when our platform talks directly to other computer systems.  As the 2Shakes solution develops, and when organisations are ready, Oliver can help integrate with them to automate authority set up – saving time, costs and effort for everyone.

Richard Garcia


Richard Garcia is our front end developer.  Richard originally comes the Philippines, where he worked as a developer.  But the lure of NZ, the Lord of the Rings, and the exciting digital work at Weta Workshop enticed Richard and his partner to NZ.

Developing the Front End

As a Front end developer Richard’s focus is on building the screens that are people use to log in, enter information and navigate our platform. Richard works in the ‘front of shop’ automating the forms, fields and buttons on the screen.  His work links in to the logic, databases and APIs that Oliver builds at the back.  Richard created the screens that you may have seen in the 2Shakes pitch on demo day.


Since coming to NZ Richard has added to his many years’ experience as a front end developer.  He has worked for a range of companies, including ANZ bank where he worked in the internet banking team to delivery functionality and usability enhancements.