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Becoming an Early Adopter

2Shakes is now looking for Early Adopters to work with to develop and perfect our solution for Financial Advisors, Tax Agents and Accountants.

What is an Early Adopter

An early adopters is someone who is a leader and an innovator.  They like to use new technology or products first. Because 2Shakes co-designs, we need to design our product alongside our customers.  2Shakes will identify and build features & functionality based on what our early adopter community guides us to do.

Can you spare 10 minutes a fortnight?

We appreciate that you are busy and your time is valuable.  We promise to be reasonable with our requests for your time as an early adopter.  We aim to only need 10 minutes of your time each fortnight to provide us with feedback.  This could be in the form of a short online survey, or a phone call or email.  If you are interested we may offer other opportunities to get involved.  But these will always optional, and will be with your prior consent.

What you get

Early adopters get to use our solution for free.  You also get to shape the solution to suit you.  2Shakes works with ACC, IRD, MBIE and other large organisations.  So we enable your preferences and feedback to be communicated to these organisations as well.

2Shakes is a sign up and authority creation platform for Professionals.  It streamlines the on-boarding process so professionals can agree services, fees, T&C and get set up with authorisation to act for their clients.  It uses electronic signatures, and clever integrations with government services like NZBN and Companies Office to save time and provide a slick, efficient and safe service. We are experts in API integrations and are keen to ‘plug in’ to other systems.

Our existing customers are bookkeepers, accountants, tax agents and financial advisers.  They have been using our system to provide a quick, modern and secure sign up service for their customers.  Many customers have re-signed up all of their customers using 2Shakes so that the can ensure all of their client agreements are up to date and correct.

How to get started

To become an early adopter you just contact Ata@2shakes.co.nz.  We will give you information about the programme and set you up with access to the training system so you can see how our cloud software works for you.

What is 2Shakes about?

We started with a focus on bookkeepers. We interviewed, demonstrated and survey what we did with bookkeepers to make sure focused on what they needed.  It was hugely beneficial, some really useful features got built like remote signing, multiple signatures and Xero integrations got prioritised when we heard how valuable they would be.

2Shakes came from MBIE R9 Accelerator – this was a GovTech initiative to find solutions that would make it better for business to interact with government. You can read about us and see our demo day pitch video here.

Being part of the R9Accelerator has given us the ability to pitch our ideas at a senior level in Government.  You can click on these links to see pictures of us with the CEOs of government agencies like MBIE, ACC, IR and MPs like English, Joyce, Wagner, Woodhouse and Goodhew.  We are funded by MBIE Business.Govt.nz, ACC and the Data Futures Forum.  We also receive support from Chapman Tripp, Microsoft, Creative HQ and the R9 Better for Business Programme.

Bookkeepers were our first early adopters

We have had the full and active support of the NZ Bookkeepers Association (NZBAI). The NZBAI exec came together with representatives from ACC, MBIE, NZBN, and a bank to create a fun video prototype with the help of Massey Design School.  It tells the story of how ‘painful’ the process is and how 2Shakes will help.  https://youtu.be/CHpJODNbp68.

Co-design with Early Adopter Customers (beta customers)

Our solution was co-designed with Bookkeepers. We have always know that we would move to Tax Agents, Accountants and financial advisors next.   So we can extend 2Shakes so it is perfect for them too.  We need early adopters to help us co-design the solution.  We ask Early Adopters to work with us and give us feedback in return they get to use our solution and shape its development to get something that saves them time.

2Shakes suits professionals that:

  • Do work for small to medium Businesses Charities, Partnerships, Trusts and Sole traders. (i.e. Not In-house accountants or large corporates).
  • Interact with IR, ACC, Companies Office, Banks or Insurance companies for their clients.
  • Are interested in utilising latest technology and cloud software to save time and provide better customer service.
  • May be impacted by AML Phase 2

You can download some more info on How-2shakes-works-for-early-adopters here