Duplicates in 2Shakes

Over time you may have multiple records against the same client. For example if you renew or change an agreement for a client then 2Shakes will hold the original agreement, along with the updated agreement. If you type and then search for (part of) the client name in the Dashboard you will be presented with

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If you have other questions please contact the team at 2Shakes and we will answer them. We will continue to update our FAQ page going forward. If you also have an idea or suggestion to make 2Shakes work better for you, we would love to hear from you! Please email us at info@2Shakes.co.nz or use

What does the electronic Idenity Verification report show me?

The results of a range of checks are done when a client’s details are sent in for eIDV, find out more here.

The agreement is signed but something needs to change

If the agreement has been fully signed it goes into a status of complete. If you need to change the agreement after it is completed, you need to create a new agreement to supersede it. You can use the ‘Renewal button to create a new agreement, that you can edit that is based off your signed

But I only need to change the mobile number or email…

If you have used the wrong email address or mobile phone number for the client you can change it to resend a new SMS text or email to a signer without needing to revert to draft. To do this go into the agreement and select the Edit button next to the relevant person.

Changing the agreement after it is sent for signing

When the agreement is sent for signing it goes into the status of signing in progress and is ‘locked’ from changes.  If you need to make a change to the agreement before it is fully signed, you can do this by reverting it to draft. and then resend it out again for signing. You can read


If you are dealing with a trust as a client you can manually add it as an organisation. Their are specific requirements for Trusts if AML applies.


Anti Money Laundering/Countering Financing of Terrorism Legislation is extended under Phase 2 to include Accountants & Bookkeepers, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents and Traders of high value goods. 2Shakes helps you complete Customer Due Diligence checks to allow you to meet these AML requirements. Read more about what you need to do to comply with AML

Acting for a Deceased Estate

You can get authority to act for a deceased estate with 2Shakes by adding the estate as an organisation. Add the executor as the main contact (not an individual client). When the estate is the only entity on the agreement you can add additional executors who need to sign on the parties and signatories page.

Signing on Paper

Not everyone wants to sign electronically. Some clients prefer paper, some don’t use mobile phones or the internet. WIth 2Shakes you can select the option for your clients to sign on paper. Find out how to use Sign on Paper here.