Feature update

User Archiving in 2Shakes

We are stoked to tell you about a small update we just made that we know lots of you have been asking for.

You can now Archive a user who has left your organisation.  

And don’t worry – if they return you can easily un-archive them too.

We really hope you enjoy this new feature, and we are currently working on lots more based on your suggestions, thanks!

How to archive a user

2Shakes Admins can access the Business Profile>Users page.

There, you will see a new Archive checkbox against each user (other than yourself)

To Archive a User, simply check the Archive box and click Save.

The User is now Archived. This automatically locks them to prevent them logging on, and will also remove them from any future update emails and newsletters.

If the user returns in the future, simply uncheck the Archive box and click Save to un-Archive them.

Please Note: We don’t fully remove users since activity such as saved Notes & Files are attributed to specific users.

We really hope the User Archive update helps you using 2Shakes.

As always, if there's anything we can help with please reach out to the support team at support@2shakes.co.nz or use our Contact page.

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