What a month for 2Shakes!  We find out how multiples went, launch our new pricing plans and head to Auckland for the 2017 NZBAI Conference.  Oh and were hiring too!

Get 2Shakes for Free

2Shakes has just launched our new pricing plans at the NZ Bookkeepers conference – including a FREE 10 plan. You can now use 2Shakes to sign up clients completely for free. The FREE 10 account is perfect if you are just starting out, do work for a smaller group of clients, or if you just want to trial 2Shakes to see if it works.

Multiple Sign Ups

Last month we announced new functionality to let you sign up multiple ‘entities’ on the same agreement.  This functionality was a significant challenge to deliver.  We dived right down into the ‘guts’ of our system to restructure the model our software was built on.  It meant changing the way it looked and introduced a sign up list and a main signatory too. Thanks to all the clients and early adopters who helped with design and feedback.  Even so it is fair to say we were slightly nervous about how all the changes would be received…

Feedback has been fantastic!

“Just did my first multiple set up – 4 entities and 2 individuals – SWEET!!”

‘It worked really well! I’m really happy! Multiples takes half the time to sign up clients & companies. Thanks!”

The statistics speak for themselves. Since launching about half of all sign up agreements done on 2Shakes are now multiple party agreements.  As always we wouldn’t have known about how valuable this was without the feedback our early adopters and customers give us. It is another example of how we will keep working together with customers to create something that really is valuable.

Come Work for 2Shakes!

2Shakes is hiring.  We are looking for a customer researcher to join our team in Wellington.  We need someone who can talk to business prospects and figure out what really matters to them. We are all about co-designing with potential customers.  To do this we need to find someone to join our team who can find and onboard early adopters – businesses who are willing to help us design the solution, beta test it, and become customers themselves. Interested? Check out the  TradeMe ad  or contact us at the office to have a chat.

NZ Bookkeepers Annual Conference (#BookkeepCon17)

It was another fantastic conference for the NZ Bookkeepers Association this month.

2Shakes had our own stand this year.  We gave out business.govt.nz resources as well as the fantastic 2Shakes re-purposed notebooks made for us  by the awesome Misprint Co .

We were blown away by all the support we received during the conference.  We would like to say a special thank you to:

  • NZBAI for including us in your 10 year journey slides.
  • MBIE &  NZBN for using 2Shakes as an example of how the NZ Business number helps connect NZ businesses.
  • Leeyan Stephens for explaining how the NZBAI Exec worked with us on behalf of NZ Bookkeepers
  • Nerissa Moore for her story of how 2Shakes has helped her in North Canterbury Bookkeepeing
  • Cliff Bowden for all his help, advice, and discussing 2Shakes in his presentation

We had a lots of lovely bookkeepers and tax agents signing up at the conference.  We did a prize draw and Jude Stirling of Crunch Accounting was the lucky person who won their annual subscription for free!

Jude was thrilled when I broke the news: “OMG!  That’s so cool.  I never win anything …So excited to be using 2Shakes in our business going forward.  Can definitely see the benefits of having our on-boarding process all on the same platform.”

Well done again to Jude, and thanks to everyone who made #Bookkeepcon17 so awesome.

Above: Jude from Crunch Accounting wins 12 months on 2Shakes Value 250 plan for free.

Here a just a few of the pictures that we Tweeted during the conference.

Above: MYOB as sponsors start the conference

Above: Hon Min Jackie Dunn tells Bookkeepers that change is scary, but on the other side of fear is everything you want.

Above: Melanie Morris from Xero (founding sponsors) talks about Certification

Above: Igor Portugal from Catalyst talks about technology

NZBAI President Di Crawford-Errington talks about the future for the Association

You can see more pictures if you follow 2Shakes on twitter (or search for #Bookkeepcon17) – can’t wait for #Bookkeepcon18!

Demo Day and GOVIS

This month 2Shakes attend the R9 Accelerator 3.0 Demo day. 2Shakes formed in last years R9 Accelerator 2.0, so we felt proud to watch another cohort demonstrate their innovative ideas. What a great night and congratulations to all the Accelerator 3.0 teams.

2Shakes presented at the GOVIS conference this month along with Creative HQ and MBIE Result 9. 2Shakes was also used as an example for Department of Internal Affairs as an inspiring case studies in developing responsive government solutions.