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Cloud Onboarding Automation. For Practices.

2Shakes global version is now available. Use 2Shakes anywhere in the world. Get client engagement agreements & authority letters all electronically signed, emailed and stored faster than ever before.

  • Save Time Create agreements and get authority quickly and simply.
  • Captured in the Cloud Track status, change & renew.
  • Minimise Typing Upload to Xero XPM/WFM, download to CSV.
  • Authorities. Done. Authority letters and other forms electronically signed by your clients.
  • No Paperwork Signed electronically. Emailed automatically. Workflow automated.

All prices are in NZ Dollars unless stated and exclude GST. 2Shakes reserves the right to change pricing at any time.  Strictly one FREE account per practice. Please refer to our Terms of Use.

Get Started with 10 Free Agreements

Get client engagement agreements & authority paperwork electronically signed, emailed and stored – add value, not admin.
10 FREE Agreements
Try out 2Shakes and get your first 10 Agreements on us.
Get all the features of 2Shakes for free for 10 Agreements
Agreements can include Multiple Entities
Includes access to a full Training environment, as well as online help and tips, to get you started
Choose 10 Free Agreements


After you’ve used your 10 Free, you can choose from either Pay As You Go or  Pay Monthly.


Low user or not sure
Pay As You Go
Only pay for the Agreements you create
No monthly subscription
Pay per Agreement in your choice of currency:
New Zealand: NZ$20
Australia: AU$20
United Kingdom: £10
USA: US$15
Euro: €15
Canada: CA$20
Choose Pay As You Go
Regular User
Pay Monthly
Pay monthly and get 5 rollover Agreements included each month.
Month base subscription includes 5 Rollover Agreements per month
Buy additional Agreements after your included 5 and rollovers
Pay in your choice of currency:
New Zealand: NZ$30 per month, NZ$5 per additional Agreement
Australia: AU$30 per month, AU$5 per additional Agreement
United Kingdom: £15 per month, £2.50 per additional Agreement
USA: US$20 per month, US$5 per additional Agreement
Euro: €20 per month, €5 per additional Agreement
Canada: CA$30 per month, CA$5 per additional Agreement
Unused Agreements carry over for 12 months.
Choose Pay Monthly

Frequently Asked Questions

How does 10 Free Agreements work?

You can use 2Shakes completely to sign up 10 Agreements. Create engagement agreements, get authority paperwork completed and electronically signed, and automate email worflow for sending agreements. In short, make your client onboarding process incredibly fast, efficient, modern and secure.

And if you use Xero Practice Manager & Workflow Max you can upload client details at the click of a button quickly and efficiently.

Remember, if you move straight to Pay Monthly, we’ll even credit any remaining free Agreements over to your new plan.

Can I change my plan?

Sure! You can change at any time to whatever plan best suits your needs.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes, you can cancel at any time (though we’ll be sad to see you go!).

Do I need to install anything? 

Nope, 2Shakes is cloud-based software, so you can access it from anywhere with internet access.

Am I locked into a long-term contract?

Not at all. On Pay As You Go you only pay when you create Agreements, and can stop at any time.  On Pay Monthly your subscription is simply month to month, with no long-term commitments.

How do I pay?

Payment for 2Shakes is by Credit Card, entered in the My Account page.

How does Pay Monthly work?

With Pay Monthly, you get 5 included Agreements included every month in the base monthly subscription.

Any unused Agreements at the end of the month carry over, so you can use them any time in the next 12 months so long as you are on the monthly subscription.

If you have used all your Agreements in a month (the included 5 and any carried over), you pay for additional Agreements per Agreement you use.

When you first sign up on Pay Monthly, you pay the rest of the month on a pro rata basis.  As a bonus, no matter when in the month you sign up, we’ll give you all 5 included Agreements for the month.

After that you pay for 2Shakes on the 1st of each month, with the monthly subscription billed for the coming month, along with any additional Agreements used during the previous month.

If you move to Pay Monthly before using all your 10 free Agreements, we’ll credit any remaining free Agreements over to your new plan for you.

How does Pay As You Go work?

With Pay As You Go you only pay for what you use, on a per Agreement created basis at the point you send out for signing).

If you are creating 2 or more Agreements each month you would get better value on the Pay Monthly plan.