In this update….
This update is focused on some NZ Government changes and what they may mean for you:
  • DIA Passports – If you use 2Shakes to verify NZ passports you now need to complete additional forms.
  • Companies Office – Recent comms from Companies Office on changes to getting authority to act do not affect 2Shakes users..
  • IR Registered Bookkeepers – IR community compliance has received a 2Shakes update, so contact them now to register as a bookkeeper.
  • AML Annual Report – Was due end of August.

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DIA Passport Verification Service

The change 
“..moving forward the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) will only approve Agencies (or Reporting Entities) to use the Confirmation Service who have the ultimate relationship with the person consenting to have their information verified.”

What Does This Mean For You?
If you use 2Shakes to verify NZ passports then DIA’s change means you now need to complete two additional forms.
If these forms are not completed it will impact your access to electronic ID Verification after the 31 October

As an added benefit, completing these forms will allow 2Shakes to offer give you access to additional services like:

  • PEP check only (for example to use when you do a Manual IDV),
  • IDV Report PDFs,
  • Credit Reports for both Individuals and Businesses.

We expect to roll out these additional services post 31 October at the latest – and we are trying our best to
deliver them for you before then!

Next Steps

1. If you haven’t already been sent the links, contact and we will send you the forms.
2. DIA require you to complete the forms in a specific way.  Our website has information to help you with this.
3. Submit the complete forms to and we will submit them for you.

Check out our new Help With DIA Forms web page!

Companies Office

The Change
From the 5th of September Companies Office will change the way some people get authority to act for a company.

What Does This Mean For You?
If you use 2Shakes to get company authority when you sign up a client already, then no change is needed.
The existing 2Shakes process will continue to work with Companies office.

Did you received this email?

These changes will NOT affect 2Shakes users.

If you use 2Shakes to get Company authority this process is unchanged.

Next Steps
If you do NOT use 2Shakes, but need to get Companies Office Authority then you will need to either:

  • Change your existing process to use a new form. You will need to get a director’s ID details (drivers license or passport) and get their signature on the form.


  • Use 2Shakes to get authority to act for your clients when you sign them up. This is easy to do, find out more on our website or contact

IR Registered Bookkeepers

The Change
2Shakes and IR have worked together to provide material to IR Community Compliance staff across NZ about how 2Shakes works.

What Does This Mean For You?
For all Bookkeepers, Accountants and Tax Agents, this will help IR Community Compliance staff understand your use of 2Shakes when they visit.

For Bookkeepers, remember that getting registered with IR allows you to self-link to clients, and provides you with access to SO MUCH more information and online services.  As part of the registration process IR community compliance staff may visit you, and may ask to see that you have IR authority for at least 10 entities with IR numbers.

If you use 2Shakes you can show the authority to act statement and signature in your agreement PDF, and/or the IR597 PDF if you have them.  These are all on your 2Shakes Dashboard and in the Client Details section of your Agreement Management page.   Since IR staff have received information to explain how this works in 2Shakes, the process should be even easier now.

Next Steps
If you are a bookkeeper and do work for ten or more IR numbers then go to IR website to download the forms you need and get the process of registration started. IR_Becoming-an-intermediary

AML Annual Report (Over) Due 
AML Reporting Entities should have submitted their annual report by the 31st August. If you have not done this, the report is now overdue.  Find out more on our website AML Annual Report.

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