2Shakes launched late last year to initial users to trial. So who is using it?

Thanks to our early adopters and supporters 2Shakes now has:

  • Double digit paying customers and loads more users trialing 2Shakes
  • Users who are a mixture of bookkeepers, financial advisers, tax agents and accountants.
  • Several hundred forms, agreements and letters created.

It is early days for 2Shakes – but we really are excited to see real things happening!  2Shakes really has created the system we said we would on demo day. A huge thank you to everyone!  Of course we have only just begun!  The more support we get, the more we will do, and the more benefits our customers, other NZ businesses, and government will see.

Financial Advisers, Accountants, ACC & CAANZ

As well as supporting and improving our system for Bookkeepers, 2Shakes is now working with Financial Advisors & Accountant Early Adopters. A huge thank you to ACC and CAANZ for helping with this. Please refer us if you know anyone who might be interested.

Read more about it here: Financial Advisers & Accountant Early Adopters 


In January 2Shakes presented at Xero Sales Conference in Auckland.


We showed them a video we created with the NZBookkeepers which got a fantastic response!  We demonstrated our solution and got great feedback.


Xero are keen to help 2Shakes as part of the ‘ecosystem’ of solutions available to their customers. 2Shakes is part of this ecosystem, through its API ‘plug in’ integrations – both with government and with Xero.  We currently have API integration with Xero Practice Manager and Xero Workflow Max.

Radio NZ

2Shakes was mentioned on Radio NZ.  In an interview with them, acting R9 GM Linda Oliver gave 2Shakes as an example of how companies can integrate government services to provide a much better end-user experience for customers.

It’s less than 2 minutes, and you can go here to Listen

What’s New – Companies Office & the Blockchain

Companies Office

2Shakes can now capture your client’s consent and send this to Companies Office electronically via API.  To set this up it is important that your Companies Office account is an organisational account type.  Companies’ office authority is an option you can now select from the Profile page.

Read more about it here: How Companies Office Authority works with 2Shakes

2Shakes and the Blockchain

2Shakes will soon be releasing its Blockchain functionality.  2Shakes will then store electronic ‘fingerprints’ of signed documents on the Blockchain. This feature gives everyone certainty about how the document was electronically signed and that it has not been altered.

Read more about it here: How Blockchain will work with 2Shakes

Feedback to prioritise what we do next

2Shakes continues to refine and improve our solution.  And we want to work on the highest priority things first.  There are lots of things we can do to help our customers, and will be working with our users and early adopters to prioritise these over the upcoming months.  This is the same co-design process which has worked so well with our bookkeeper association members to date, and we are really excited at the improvements we can bring.

Find out more…

  • What 2Shakes does? Find out more about what 2Shakes does from this blog post or by looking at our website
  • Can 2Shakes help me? 2Shakes currently helps Bookkeepers, Accountants & Financial Advisors. If you are know anyone interested in using 2Shakes please ask them to complete our sign up form, and we will be in touch to discuss how we can help.
  • How can I keep updated on 2Shakes? We send out monthly updates, for more regular updates on what we are up to you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook @2ShakesNZ.