IRD Authority changes, conferences, and are you interested in 2Shares in 2Shakes?

Kia Ora Ata,

Welcome to our latest 2Shakes update.  With the wild winter we’ve been having, we hope you, your family, friends and colleagues are safe and keeping warm.

In this update:   

IRD Changes to Authority to Act

Small Business Accounting (SBA) Conference

Giving away trees at the Bookkeepers Conference

Would you like to own 2Shares in 2Shakes? Then let us know!

It’s great seeing you all in person again, and hopefully we’ll get to do lots more of that soon!

IRD Changes to Authority to Act

IRD has published a new Authority to Act (A2A) Operational Statement, which you can read here.

When you are getting IRD A2A in 2Shakes, you should be aware of the following:

The IDV requirements have been brought in line with those in the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) legislation and guides.
We have made a couple of wording changes in 2Shakes to make it obvious how your A2A’s comply, especially for Sole Traders.
We have updated the consent statement to exclude two more accounts you can’t link to.
We now capture the position of all people in a single-entity agreement (multi-entity Agreements are not affected)

Please see our website for more information.

Small Business Accounting (SBA) Conference

We had a great time at the recent SBA Conference in Auckland, which for us signalled the start of seeing you all in person again – yay!

We gave an update on AML, Biometrics and the legislative review, as well as lots of practical advice on how onboard new customers and stay compliant while growing your business.

It was a really fun session – and to help the transition from all the video calls we have, we even got to do some in-person emoji feedback as we went 😀👍😕.

Bookkeepcon22 at Te Pae

We are not long back from the fantastic Bookkeepers Conference – Bookkeepcon22 at the new Te Pae Convention Centre in Christchurch.

What an awesome weekend seeing all you lovely bookkeepers again! We always like to give away some merch, and this year we though there was no better gift that a kowhai tree. Or 150 kowhai trees to be exact!

Hope you can find yourself! And thanks to everyone who was flying and took trees in their carry-on😱. We saw heaps at Christchurch and Wellington airports going to their forever homes.

If you are wondering, with climate change, land slips and coastal erosion, we need trees more than ever. And as we like to say at 2Shakes:

The best paper form is a tree!

Interested in 2Shares in 2Shakes?

Shakes has changed the way New Zealand businesses take on new customers and meet professional and government compliance needs such as AML/KYC. 2Shakes allows 100% remote onboarding that digitally verifies people and information, so in this post-Covid world businesses can still operate, grow and thrive.

We are really well established in NZ, and stoked with all the love we get here😍. We now want to grow 2Shakes overseas and become the world’s favourite onboarding and compliance platform!

We are currently putting together an investment opportunity to expand 2Shakes to Australia, where recent government changes have made conditions there ideal for us, and have led to Australian businesses contacting us to use 2Shakes! Because you have supported us, we want to give you an opportunity to get in first on the next stage in our journey.

Are you interested in finding out more about our plans, and how you can be part of our growth as we work towards listing 2Shakes on the NZ stock market and expanding overseas?

At this stage we would really like to gauge your level of interest. We need to stress this is not an offer – it’s an expression of interest, which will help us put an offer together. If you are interested please click the button below and let us know, thanks!


A couple of tips for when you create a Sign Up Agreement

  • Use attachments, like a glossy PDF of your company, or a guide on how to get the most out of the engagement.
    • Add generic attachments in your Business Profile>Branding that you can then select easily from the Signing and Agreement email buttons on the Parties & Signatories page (before sending to your client).
    • Add specific attachments just for this client directly from the same Signing and Agreement email buttons.
  • Personalise emails: Like with attachments, you can:
    • Change the emails all clients get in Business Profile>Branding
    • Personalise emails just for this client before they go out, again using the Signing and Agreement email buttons.

As always, if there’s anything we can help with please reach out to the support team at, or use our contact us page. 

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