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July 2021 Update

Check out what the team has been up to, along with what’s coming up.

Referral Program Launched

Our Referral Program is now live!
Those of you on a paying plan will be able to see a referral link in your My Account page. Share your link with someone you think would love 2Shakes, and once they spend their first $100, we will credit you that $100! If you are on 10Free your referral link will automatically show as soon as you move to a paid plan. For more information visit our referrals page.


"We're taking care of business"

We will be heading up to Rotorua in a few days for Bookkeepcon 2021 and hope to see many of you there! We know you loved your 2Shakes mug last year, and hope this year’s 2Shakes merch will cap-tivate you 😉

Bookkeepcon 2020 prize winner

AML/CFT Annual Report Period

Annual reports for phase 2 entities need to be submitted to DIA between 1 July and 31 August – that’s now!

When you come to submitting your report, part 3 section 8 asks for statistics on customer types and ID verification methods. 2Shakes saves you a huge amount of time on statistics – head to the AML Statistics page to get the numbers on all your completed Customer Due Diligence. Find out more on AML statistics in 2Shakes.

ID Verification Consent Statement Changes

Based on some great feedback from you, the eIDV consent statement in 2Shakes has been updated. The wording is now clearer, and should be easier for your clients understand. Remember we are always updating and evolving 2Shakes, so if you think of anything that could make it better please just let us know, thanks!

The Team is Growing

We are stoked that we have a new business development manager starting in early August. We’ll let Emilie get her feet under the desk and then introduce her properly in our next update. In the meantime, huge welcome to Emilie to the 2Shakes Team.

What's next for 2Shakes?

what's coming next for 2shakes
  • Ongoing Customer Due Diligence (OCDD)
    Work has progressed really well on our OCDD updates, and we are now into testing, so not long now! Keep an eye out in the next few weeks for a feature update email or visit our features webpage.
  • ID Verification and Government Requirements

    For AML Reporting Entities, DIA has issued an updated version of the Explanatory Note: Electronic Identity Verification Guideline. We have contacted DIA to help clarify a couple of areas, and will send out additional information to customers as we have it. In the meantime you can find more information by visiting the DIA’s webpage.

    At the same time we are providing feedback to IRD as it consults on an updated policy on obtaining Authority to Act. We’ll also send out info and updates on that when available. It’s worth mentioning that 2Shakes already asks for ID verification to be completed when government Authority is requested.


  • If you’re heading along to Bookkeepcon21, make sure you listen in to us speak about Client Onboarding and AML: A Bookkeeper’s Guide on Saturday the 31st at 10.45 am.
  • Did you know you can export your AML Statistics to show the clients that are being counted for each section? Once you’ve got your desired statistics date range showing, just hit Export.

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