Lawyers uses 2Shakes for its high security and privacy, AML, Biometric, PEP checks, audits, annual reporting

Lawyers - Go Digital

The worlds just a bit different now..

Where once clients would be happy to come in to visit lawyers in person, many now want the option to engage remotely. Professional services and law firms are seeing an increase in demand to do business digitally.

COVID - a Catalyst to Adapt & Change

COVID has changed how we want to work. It’s an overused term, but as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, clients really do have a new normal in their expectations for onboarding. It brings a need for the legal market to adapt to change but it is also presents an enormous opportunity!

Lawyers go digital. Now’s the time! Cut fraud risk and improve your client’s experience. All through a slick app that is powered by New Zealand’s most comprehensive onboarding & biometric AML platform. 2Shakes saves time, saves paperwork, keeps you AML/CFT compliant and is surprisingly cost effective! 

Lawyers Go Digital - Virtual

Facial Recognition & Document Reading

2Shakes offers a digital app (both on mobile and the web) that uses facial recognition and document reading to confirm a client’s identity. This approach has been very popular in banking and financial sectors. 

Lawyers Go Digital - Biometric

Your client uses their own mobile smart phone to verify who they are, from wherever they are. It uses the same technology as NZ Customs Smart Gate. Biometrics that compare multiple measurements of your clients face against their photo Identity Document. The app ‘reads’ the identity document too, to check it does not show signs of tampering. The system reads the ID details, ready to match against external trusted sources.  

Integrated with Government Data

Getting onboarding right means you are also getting compliance with government requirements right too. 2Shakes was developed with NZ government and utilises government data sources to ensure your onboarding process is accurate, compliant, and quick.  

Here at 2Shakes, we have developed super smart algorithms to use live data feeds from MBIEs Companies Office Register to determine who has (effective) control of customers and who the (beneficial) owners are. 

2Shakes verifies primary identity documents against the source. Either the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) Passport validation services, or against NZ Transport Authorities (NZTA) driver license database. 

Lawyers Go Digital - Integration

Our verification matches a range of trusted external sources. As well as NZ government databases, we also the address against major banks and utility companies. We also offer a Political Exposed Person (PEP) check.

Authority to Act

With 2Shakes you can also get authority to act for clients with ACC, with IRD and with the Companies office.  As part of the onboarding process 2Shakes can collect client consent and process this with the appropriate government agency.

Privacy & Security

It is great for privacy and security, as all records are securely held under Microsoft Azure in the cloud. We comply with NZ law and collect information in accordance with the NZ Privacy Act 2020.   

Established & Recognised

The 2Shakes onboarding platform emerged from a NZ Government Accelerator run by MBIE, out of Creative HQ in 2017. 2Shakes is well established, supporting thousands of professional service business users across New Zealand. They have help onboard tens of thousands of clients in the professional services sector.    

Free Trial Offer

Its free to get a 2Shakes account. You can use it for 10 times for free as well. We also have free biometric identity verification add on for March 2020. There are loads of resources and webinars on our website and our NZ team are here to help when you need them. Dive in now to get started with your Free Trial, find out about our set up and training service or email to find out more.

....And a Free Cuppa too!

We are up talking to Lawyers at LawFest 2021. We have free 2Shakes cups for lovely lawyers. If you can’t make LawFest but would like a cup – then send us your details and let us know.  

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