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2Shakes May Update 2021

April has been a busy and productive month, with many great things on the horizon for 2Shakes! Find out what you can expect to see in the upcoming weeks in this 2Shakes May Update 2021.

Part 3 of our Trust Blog Series + Upcoming Webinar

The final instalment of our three-part blog series is here, covering Trust CDD – complete with a checklist! Read part 3 of our Trust Blog here.

The blog series has covered what a Trust is and why have one, different Trust types and roles within a Trust, how to IDV someone you haven’t met, and a checklist for Compliance Officers. 

If you haven’t already signed up to our highly anticipated Trust Webinar on the 13th of May, make sure you register now!

Feature Updates - Improved CDD & Trust tabs

2Shakes May Update - Improved CDD & Trust tabs

From Friday evening, 2Shakes will include our latest improvements to the CDD and trust tabs!  So, what can you expect to see?

  • The CDD tab will include a new Source of Wealth or Proof of Funds checkbox for any Enhanced Due Diligence clients. This enables you to easily record whether you have obtained Source of Wealth or Proof of Funds for EDD clients.
    NB: This change will affect new and historic EDD clients in 2Shakes. For historic EDD clients, you can easily tick you that you have obtained SoW/PoF when you next carry out Ongoing CDD.

  • Within the Trust tab, the default Trust type will change to Discretionary, and we have expanded types to include ‘Fixed’ Trust where appropriate. You will also be able to add people for ID Verification from within the tab itself.

Remember, these changes will be deployed tonight.  Find out more on the latest feature updates.

Meet Cassidy - 2Shakes' Newset Team Member

Cassidy joined the development team last month and we’re excited to welcome a new 2Shakes member! Cassidy enjoys snowboarding in the winter (a requirement for a 2Shakes developer 😉), and motorbiking in the summer. He has got stuck in, helping build the latest improvements about to be deployed in 2Shakes. We are looking forward to his help with upcoming projects!

2Shakes May Update 2021 - Meet Cassidy - 2Shakes' Newest Team Member

What's Next for 2Shakes?

Work is currently underway on our next feature, where we will be introducing an address finder to 2Shakes!  So, when you or your client go to enter address details, you will be able to auto-populate the address using the soon-to-be-integrated address finder. Our goal is to help make the process even simpler for you and your client too! 

Are you AML Ready?

AML Annual reporting period is coming up. Make sure your CDD is up to date and completed so you can get the most out of  AML the statistics in 2Shakes for your report. Find out more >


  • World Password day was on Thursday, so make sure you set up 2-Factor Authentication in 2Shakes!
  • .Until the address auto-populate is available throughout 2Shakes, remember it is already included when  you use the Biometric IDV option

We hope you’ve enjoyed this 2Shakes May Update 2021. Keep up with our monthly updates and blogs here.

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