In this update….
This update is focused on Ongoing Customer Due Diligence, what’s coming, and what you can do now:
  • Ongoing CDD Enhancements – We are developing updates to help you with Ongoing CDD.
  • 2Shakes’ Centrix Portal – Even before our OCDD updates, you can improve your Due Diligence.
  • PEP Spreadsheet – Not a Centrix subscriber yet? We can help you sort out your PEP checks.
  • Happy Birthday to Us – Incredibly, it’s already been 3 years since we launched!
  • Blockchain Update – We’ve grown up, and it’s time to say goodnight to Blockchain.
  • Xero Roadshow – Fun times at Te Papa on the Xero Roadshow.

Ongoing CDD Enhancements – On the way!

The big news here is that work has started on a raft of AML updates to allow customers to carry out Ongoing Customer Due Diligence (OCDD).

This is huge, and will help customers review, update and improve their due diligence on an ongoing basis, as per the legislation. We are really excited with the new features we have in development so keep a look out for upgrade notifications!


Can’t Wait for the Updates?

Part of the OCDD updates will allow you to carry out Politically Exposed Person (PEP) checks, both for people you have manually verified and to re-check for people you checked electronically.
Remember, if you have done Manual ID verifications but haven’t done a reliable PEP check, OCDD is a great time to do a proper PEP check to bring your CDD up a notch.

And if you can’t wait for the OCDD updates then help is at hand. You can either:

  1. Logon to the 2Shakes’ Centrix portal (available to 2Shakes’ Centrix Subscribers), or
  2. Contact us and we’ll help you with a PEP Check Spreadsheet.

See below for more details on each option.


2Shakes’ Centrix Portal

As a part of the recent changes to DIA’s passport verification service, 2Shakes users can now gain direct access to Centrix!  This means you will be able to:

  • Re-do Electronic IDVs
    • Client made a mistake entering their details for IDV? Rather than adding a person in 2Shakes to Re-do IDV, you can use Centrix directly.
  • Do PEP checks
    • Done a Manual IDV, and need to do the PEP check? Want to re-do existing PEP checks for OCDD? Now you can.
    • Had a PEP watchlist hit? The report in the Portal can show you the watchlist report, so you can determine if it is a genuine PEP hit.
  • Do Address checks
    •  Failed address on an eIDV because of a typo? Foreign national staying in NZ? You can use the Portal to just check the address.

Reports from the 2Shakes Centrix Portal can be downloaded as PDF’s and stored in 2Shakes with your other CDD information.
Also, if you ticked any other services on your Centrix subscriber form, such as credit checks – you’ll get access to those as well.

PEP Check Spreadsheet

If you are not yet a 2Shakes’ Centrix subscriber, we can still help you sort out your PEPs with our PEP Spreadsheet.

We will send you a report of all individuals that you have manually ID Verified.  You then add in the additional client details (check the name is correct, add date of birth and gender) and we can send you the PEP reports for those clients.

Remember, PEP checks are automatically done when a person is electronically ID verified within 2Shakes.

Happy Birthday To Us

2Shakes has turned 3!

Three years ago, we went live and completed NZ’s first ever electronic sign up and automated government authorities when we signed up with GoFi8ure! We caught up with Lisa from GoFi8ure at the Xero Roadshow (more on that later):

Tarryn and Cliff catch up with Lisa from GoFi8ure at the Xero Roadshow

We’ve has come a long way since back then. In 2018, we added AML Customer Due Diligence features to 2Shakes, giving you the ability to record all CDD information and even electronically ID verifying clients!  And we’re still listening, continually adding more features to help you and add value.

Thank you to all our 2Shakes users and supporters over these last three years! It has been awesome to hear how much easier 2Shakes has made signups and AML for you. We do love hearing from you, so if 2Shakes has made your life easier or has helped solved a problem – do get in touch.

And yes, we know we are closer to 4 already – it has been 3 years since launch, not since we started!


Blockchain Update

As part of growing up, we have reviewed our use of the Ethereum Blockchain, and found that after 3 years in production, 2Shakes’ use of Blockchain is no longer needed.

We found that 2Shakes as a company, together with the storage, security and privacy of data on Microsoft’s Azure data centres is more than necessary for our customers, which is great, and reflects the maturity we have reached.

What does this mean?  We will be turning off the blockchain hashing of Agreements on 30 November. We will continue to support all agreements previously hashed.  If you have any queries on this, please ask.  And remember, this only relates to Sign Up agreements, not AML Only


Xero NZ Roadshow

Every year Xero tours the country with its NZ Roadshow, and we are fresh from the Wellington Roadshow at Te Papa on Monday and Tuesday.

A huge thanks to all the current and future customers who popped by our stand, said hello and had a chat. And thanks to Xero for thanking us too!

Xero Roadshow, Te Papa, Wellington
The roadshow is a free event, so keep an eye out for Xero in a town near you.


Free Training
You might have heard us mention this before, but we provide a Free training environment.

You can use it to get familiar with 2Shakes, as well as doing a trial run for any really complex AML situations (and we’ve seen a few!).

Dashboard Filters
Remember you can use your Dashboard filters to narrow your searching – e.g. when you only want to see Clients who are AML Pending, and need to be reviewed and approved.

We really love letting you know what we’re up to.  And please remember we love hearing from you too!  Keep sending us your suggestions – they really help us decide what improvements to prioritise and build, so we can make 2Shakes as awesome as possible.

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact, and thanks very much for supporting 2Shakes.

All the best,
The 2Shakes Team

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