2Shakes – Our Aim



We are called 2Shakes because we believe that’s all it should take to interact with government agencies and other businesses.


It is our mission to make New Zealand the easiest country in the world to carry out these interactions.
We started LEAN with Bookkeepers, who help many sole traders and small businesses with their day-to-day financial accounts.
We now help accountants, and financial advisers too, and are looking towards lawyers, immigration advisers, and many others.


Result 9 is a Result Area of the NZ Government Better Public Services initiative.
Result 9 – Better for Business – is being led by MBIE (the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment).

The R9 Accelerator 2.0 aims to bring the public and private sectors together to work on real problems impacting businesses. It nurtures teams of creative, solutions-focused people to build market-validated solutions that make it easier for business to interact with New Zealand government.


2Shakes started life at Creative HQ in Wellington, renowned for providing an environment that nurtures and nourishes innovation and creativity for startups like us.  We have now graduated to offices on Johnston Street in Wellington.