Coming Soon – New Plans

*All Plans include upcoming AML Phase 2 Extensions*

Agreements, Authorities and (coming soon) AML Customer Due Diligence – eSigned, emailed and stored faster than ever

Choose the plan that works best for you, FREE lets you sign up 10 entities every 12 months.  When you need to, upgrade to VALUE.  If you are signing up more than a client a week, PREMIUM will save you even more per signup.

Note that we will be updating to the plans below soon.  In the meantime you still have the opportunity to choose one of our existing paid plans, and lock in that pricing until 1 January 2019, at which point you would move onto the appropriate new tier for your usage. 

Help Choosing a Plan
Most people start on FREE.
We'll prompt you to upgrade as your usage increases.
Choose a paid plan if you need features like BlockChain from the start.
Monthly cost per rolling 12 months works out as follows:
0 - 10 FREE
11 - 25 entities $20/m
26 - 50 entities $40/m
51 - 100 entities $60/m
101-150 entities $80/m
151 - 200 entities $100/m
Just add $20 per month for each additional 50 entities signed up per year.
Get started here
Start here, upgrade later.
Signup up to 10 entities per rolling 12 months
COMING SOON - AML Phase 2 Customer Due Diligence Extensions
Create Online Service Agreements
Multiple Entities per Agreement
Add your own branding
Electronic Signing (via text and email)
Automated Authorities for IRD, ACC & CoO
Additional authorities for other organisations
COMING with AML - Store Manual ID Verification
COMING with AML - Electronic ID Verification from $5/person
Xero Practice Manager Upload
NZBN Search & Populate
Unlimited Users
Email Support
Choose Free
Per month
From $20
Signup up to 4 clients a month.
All the features of FREE plus:
Signup up to either 25 or 50 entities per rolling 12 months
Up to 25 entities per rolling 12 months for $20/month
Up to 50 entities per rolling 12 months for $40/month
BlockChain Security for your Agreements
Upgraded to include Phone support
Choose Value
Per month
From $60
Signup more than a client a week.
All the features of VALUE plus:
Up to 100 entities per rolling 12 months for $60/month
Add each additional 50 entities per year for just $20 per month.
Choose Premium

All plans include:

  • Create Agreements for your services when you sign up clients
  • Get Authority to Act with IRD, ACC, Companies Office and Insurance Companies
  • Electronic signatures by your clients – no more paperwork
  • Integration into Companies Office NZBN to save you typing in client details
  • Upload new client to Xero Practice Manager/Workflow Max or Download a CSV file

AML Phase 2 Extensions

The AML extensions coming soon will add Customer Due Diligence (CDD) functionality to help you meet your Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Phase 2 compliance needs.  As well as our existing agreement and authority creation, when CDD is released, 2Shakes will:

  1. Help you uncover the structure and ownership of the entities you want to work with, automated using the NZBN Search
  2. Let you record CDD information such as CDD Level, Nature and Purpose, Risk Assessment, Trust information
  3. Help you find the people you need to Identity Verify
  4. Carry out the ID Verification (with both manual and electronic options)
  5. Let your AML Officer review and approve the AML checks as complete
  6. Provide a repository for your CDD information to help with compliance audits
  7. Output a report of all the CDD information 2Shakes has stored.

We are not aware of any solutions that cover all this for you, so hopefully will be able to provide you a unique solution.

Please remember 2Shakes is a tool to help you comply with AML – you will still need to appoint an AML Compliance Officer, put together your programme, develop your risk assessment, train staff, etc. Please see or contact your professional bodies for more information.  We have also put together some helpful AML resources on our website here.

All prices are in NZ Dollars and exclude GST. 2Shakes reserves the right to change pricing at any time.  Strictly one FREE  account per practice. Please refer to our Terms of Use.