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Coming Soon – New Plans

*All Plans include our AML Phase 2 Extensions*

Note that we will be updating our plans below soon.  In the meantime you still have the opportunity to choose one of the existing paid plans below, and lock in that pricing until 1 January 2019. 

Pricing starts FREE 

Get client engagement agreements & authority paperwork electronically signed, emailed and stored faster than ever before….

Choose the plan that works best for you, FREE 10 lets you sign up 10 entities every 12 months.  VALUE 250 account lets you can sign up a generous 250 entities every 12 months with Blockchain security and additional support. With PREMIUM 1000 you can sign up a massive 1000 entities every 12 months.

All plans include:

  • Create Agreements for your services when you sign up clients
  • Get Authority to Act with IRD, ACC, Companies Office and Insurance Companies
  • Electronic signatures by your clients – no more paperwork
  • Integration into Companies Office NZBN to save you typing in client details
  • Upload new client to Xero Practice Manager/Workflow Max or Download a CSV file

All prices are in NZ Dollars and exclude GST. 2Shakes reserves the right to change pricing at any time.

Strictly one account per practice. Please refer to our Terms of Use.


How does the FREE 10 work?

With FREE 10 you can use 2Shake completely for FREE to sign up 10 entities over a 12 month rolling period. Create engagement agreements, get authority paperwork compelted and fast track signing.  We want to make your client sign up process incredibly fast, efficient, modern and secure.

And if you use Xero Practice Manager & Workflow Max  so you can upload client details at the click of a button quickly and efficiently.

Can I change my plan?

Sure! You can change at any time to whatever plan best suits your needs.

You can upgrade to VALUE 250 or PREMIUM 1000 at anytime to let you sign up even more entities.  These options also provide more support as well as securing documents on the Blockchain.

You can downgrade your plan too.  If your annual 12 month usage is below 250 you can downgrade to VALUE 250.  If your annual 12 month usage is below 10 you can downgrade to FREE 10 as well.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes, you can cancel at any time (though we’ll be sad to see you go!). You’ll keep your account until the end of your current monthly billing cycle, and won’t pay a cent more.


Do I need to install anything? 

Nope, 2Shakes is a cloud-based system, where you can access it from anywhere that has the internet.


Am I locked into a long-term contract?

Not at all – you pay for 2Shakes on a month by month subscription, with no long-term commitments.


How do I pay?

Payment for using 2Shakes is by monthly Automatic Payment (AP).

Please call us if you prefer an alternative method of payment.


What happens if I exceed 10 entities? 

The FREE 10 allows you to sign up 10 entities.  If you exceed your 10 entities within a 12 month period then you will not be able to send anymore entities for sign off until your rolling 12 month total drops again below 10.  You will still be able to log on to 2Shakes to track the agreements you have created on the Agreements Dashboard, and you can still create draft agreements.  Of course we would love you to upgrade to the VALUE 30 plan, which gives you a generous 250 entities to sign up a year as well.

What are entities?

Each company, trust, individual, sole trader, partnership or charity on a sign up agreement is counted as an entity. Each entity will typically have its own tax number and its own separate legal status.

2Shakes allows for you to sign up several different entities on the same agreement.  So for example if Jack Smith wants to engage you to look after his company, his family trust, and himself individually you can combine his 3 entities onto one agreement.  This means that Jack Smith only needs to sign one agreeement to cover all three entities.

So if you have just one entity on each agreement, then you will be able to complete 10 agreements per 12 months.  If you sign up two entities per agreement then you will be able to complete 5 agreements per 12 months.



It was quick and it was simple. The process was smooth and fast. I could do that in front of my clients, easy.

Tania Hayes

It is so fantastic; I really can’t believe how simple it will be!

Kim Hamill
Your Office Administrator