It really works!

Feedback from our early adopters

2Shakes has contacted all our early adopters this month to get them set up.  Thank you to all the early adopters – we couldn’t have done it without you.

We have had some great initial feedback:

“It was quick and it was simple.  The process was smooth and fast.  I could do that in front of my clients, easy” Tania Hayes – Go Fi8ure

“It is so fantastic; I really can’t believe how simple it will be!  You’ve made one of my most hated jobs one less thing I’ll have to procrastinate about – whoopee…..” Kim Hamill – Your Office Administrator

“This is going to be a game changer for bookkeepers, it’s huge….” Sue Inkersell – 3rd Arm Admin

What’s great is that 2Shakes is even quicker than we estimated.  We thought that the sign up process would decrease to 10 minutes using 2Shakes.  But looking at our system we can see that some sign-ups have been completed in just 3 minutes!

Don’t take our word for it, sign up and have a go yourself and see how it can work for you

Welcome Samson

Samson Phommachack has joined the team to help with Business Development.  Samson is a bit of a GovTech startup pro.  He was involved in the first R9 Accelerator with team Vizbot, heading the Sales and Marketing; he recently came back from Vietnam as part of a NZ Tech entrepreneur delegation that spent a week exploring the Startup ecosystem in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.


Image Above: Samson and Mike get to work

Now that we have released 2Shakes to the market it is very important to us to show demand.  Samson will be working to get more people using 2Shakes.

Please contact  if you know anyone who might benefit from 2Shakes. We are offering new users a free trial – please call 027 657 7737.

New features coming out this month

We are working to improve and refine how 2Shakes works.  Over December we will launch a number of new features that allow you to:

  • Customise which authorities will show on your sign up screen: Currently 2shakes shows ACC, IRD and Companies office authorities as the default.  Now you can choose the organisations’ authorities you want to use for your clients.  We also allow you to decide on Identification Capture.
    Image Above: Profile – Authority Screen (select with authorities show on your sign up screen)
  • Create an Authority Letter: With 2Shakes you can now create an authority letter for an organisation. By capturing a few details from your client during sign up our system creates an authority letter that you can use with organisations like Insurance Companies to get access to the additional client information you need to do your job.
    This type of authority is useful for Bookkeepers, Accountants and Financial Advisers to allow them to query their clients existing Insurance details.  The letter lets Insurance companies can see proof that you represent your client, making it easier for to ask questions about what an Insurance policy covers, or about what an Insurance invoice is made up of.
  • Customise the General Authority Statement: 2Shakes currently includes a general authority statement in the services agreement.  We have changed this statement to allow you to customise it to use your own specific wording.  Or remove it completely – if it is not appropriate for how you work.
    Image: General Authority Statement (select if you want to use this, and specify what it will say)

Find out more about our new features on our website

Financial Advisers

This month we have been talking to Financial Advisers.  Financial Advisers are of course very different from Bookkeepers and Accountants!  But they still need to get agreements, statements, and authority forms created and signed by their clients. So many of the changes we are making this month mean that 2Shakes can now work for Financial Advisers too.

2Shakes can help Financial Advisers comply with legal requirements for disclosure and duty of care for their clients.  We make it very quick and easy for Financial Advisers get all their compliance paperwork signed and delivered, including authority with ACC.  Some early feedback from financial advisers on our product validates it will be very useful to this sector too.

“I think the whole concept is great – there is so much paperwork – there is so much to get compliant. This will be hugely beneficial” Quote from Financial Adviser (Insurance & Mortgage Broker)

What’s next

2Shakes is looking at developing more new features next including:

  • Upload new client details into MYOB
  • Record signed agreements on the BlockChain to provide added security and trust.
  • How to help sign up more than one entity
  • Identifying beneficial owners in an organisation
  • Completing Client Authority forms for Bank Feeds into Accounting software

We actively welcome all suggestions on improving and developing 2Shakes.  Please contact us if you have any ideas or suggestions you feel should be included.

Find out More…

  • What 2Shakes does? Find out a bit more about what 2Shakes does from this blog post or visit our website
  • Can I use 2Shakes? 2Shakes currently helps Bookkeepers, Accountants & Financial Advisors. If you are interested in finding our more complete our sign up form, and we will be in touch to discuss how we can help you.
  • Where can I get more info on 2Shakes? We send out monthly updates, for more regular updates on what we are up to you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook @2ShakesNZ.

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