Renewals and OCDD Updated

We are delighted to share with you a range of improvements to Renewals and AML Ongoing CDD in 2Shakes.

This update has something for everyone! For Sign Up only and Sign Up with AML we have more functionality to handle changes in your client during renewal, so you can easily add or remove entities, and change the Main Signatory.

We have also included improvements to the AML page itself, which will help people using Sign Up with AML and AML Only.

We really hope you enjoy the new features waiting for you to use in 2Shakes!


Changes to Sign Up Renewals

Client List & Main Signatory

Most of the Sign Up changes are at the start of the renewal. The Client List has been split into two new pages, allowing you to first edit the client list, and then to decide who is the Main Signatory.

When you start a renewal, you will go to a new start page where you can:

  • See the client list
  • Show more information from Companies Office
  • Show people who were involved in the last Agreement (but weren’t clients themselves), along with their ID verification status.
  • Get notified of changes at Companies Office

You can then Edit the client list to:

  • Remove previous clients
  • Add new companies and directors
  • Add other organisations like Trusts manually
  • Change previous people like other signatories or Beneficial Owners into individual clients – while keeping their IDV history.
  • Add other individual clients manually.
  • Edit the client names

Once you are happy with your client list, you Proceed to the next page to choose the Main Signatory. You can keep the previous one, choose anyone involved in the Agreement from the list provided, or add a totally new Main Signatory.

Along with choosing the Main Signatory, you’ll also be able to choose from any new addresses pulled through from Companies Office at this stage too.


Previously government authorities were turned off by default on a renewal.

Now, if IRD Authority was on the original it will still be on for the renewal. This helps ensure any updated IRD consent wording is signed off during the renewal process.

NB: ACC and Companies Office authorities are still off by default in a renewal. You can turn these back on to get authorities you didn’t previously have if needed.

Signing on Behalf of Someone

When you get to the Parties and Signatories page, individual clients still default to signing. So, if the Main Signatory is signing on behalf of an individual client, you set that individual to Not Signing before you Proceed to Sign.


Changes to AML Ongoing CDD

We’ve made improvements to the AML page to help those using Sign Up with AML as well as AML Only.

IDV Required vs Beneficial Owner

We have improved the wording on the AML page. Now, we only refer to people as Beneficial Owners (not IDV Required), since you likely have already done IDV.

We’ve also updated the instructions to help make OCDD easier.

Deselecting Beneficial Owners

o further prevent people being deselected who shouldn’t, the Main Signatory/Contact and any Individual Clients must be Beneficial Owners and so cannot be deselected. (Previously this was just the case for the Main Signatory/Contact). 

You can still deselect other people listed as Beneficial Owners and record the reason.

CDD Reason

The CDD Reason now shows the reason last time alongside this time, so you now have more information at hand to record your reason information. We still populate the reason as much as we can from Companies Office or what we know about the client.

NB: If you see a person whose previous reason was Director or Shareholder of a Company, but now the reason is blank, they no longer have that role.

Minor Update

We have also squeezed in a minor update on the success screen after your client signs, to make it consistent with the Biometric IDV success screen. Now, when your client signs and Manual or Electronic IDV is selected, they will see a branded confirmation page instead of the previous fireworks image. Here’s an example for “TraderInc” company.

More Info on our Website

For more details on Renewals and Ongoing CDD please visit our website, either for:

We really hope you get tons of great value using these Renewal and OCDD updates, and we look forward to bringing you more in the future.

As always, if you have any questions, need any further information, or want to send us feedback, please email us at, thanks.

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