Removing a practices authority to act for a client is known as Revoking Authority. 2Shakes creates Authorities. It sends requests to NZ government departments requesting authority to act on behalf of clients as part of the on-boarding process. We allow your client to electronically approve authority requests as an extension of the agreement they make for you to do the work. This makes it quick, easy, safe and efficient for you to get to work on behalf of your clients.

When circumstances change this authority may no longer be required. Many practices will simply stop doing work for someone who is no longer their client. However you should consider if a better practice would be to contact the organisation and request to be removed.

  • IRD – You can contact IRD to advise them.
  • ACC – You can contact ACC to advise them by email
  • Companies Office – Log on to companies office and remove authority online.
2Shakes connects with IRD, ACC and MBIE Companies Office to create authority for you to act with clients.

Client Revokes

If your client needs to revoke an authority they need to contact the organisations individually and requesting it is removed. The exact process to do this varies from organisation to organisation.

  • IRD – You can contact IRD to advise them. More information on cancelling a nominated party can be found here.
  • ACC – You can contact ACC to advise them by email
  • Companies Office – Directors of companies can revoke authority. 

Organisation Revokes

Organisations have discretion to determine if they will accept that the authority request is genuine. Many organisations have their own internal Policies and rules in place to ensure that customer information is access appropriately. An organisation may decide to remove your access to a clients information at any time. You should contact the organisation directly to discuss any issues you have.

You can review, download and send copies of the signed agreement documents, authority letters and any Authority Forms for a client from the Client Management page. 2Shakes also keeps an audit record of information related to the electronic signing of the agreement document. This contains details such as the date, time, IP address and other details regarding how the document was signed.

If you are unsure of any part of the process, or need further information, please either contact the organisation you are dealing with or email