2Shakes loves Bookkeepcon. The support of this amazing professional body is where it all started for us. This year 2Shakes presented on AML/CFT along with the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA). In the pressure to deliver, while Ata was explaining that AML was about protecting NZs economy and reputation, she got a bit excited and told everyone that when it came to AML Phase 2 they needed to…

“….just suck it up and go with it….”

Ata from 2Shakes with DIA at Bookkeepcon

Thankfully this resulted in lots of laughs from the audience. You can watch a recording of the ICBNZBAI presentation with both DIA presenting first, and then 2shakes closing at the bottom of the AML Video page on our website.

2Shakes had some lovely neighbours by our stand at the conference. We were between Receipt Bank, IR, Xero!

Ata from 2Shakes L to R with our neighbours from Receipt Bank, Xero and IR


2Shakes would like to congratulate all the award winners from the conference as well. All but one of the award winners uses 2Shakes! We feel so proud that (in our own small way), 2Shakes is helping free up our customers time, so that they can use it to be exceptional at what they do. Mel Morris lists who won awards in her Xero blog.

2Shakes presented a big jar or jelly beans to the best bean counter who was Kelly Thomsen from from Bookkeepers NZ and the wonderful Janice Hughes won a year of 2Shakes for free. Janice emailed us to thank us…

“Thanks to 2Shakes for the awesome prize won at NZBookkeepcon18 – I was so excited to win a year’s subscription to 2 Shakes, it has made me feel much more comfortable in regards to the introduction of AML. Being a small team, it is always challenging implementing changes and it was a daunting task working through the requirements for AML, I was seriously considering withdrawing the services to our clients which “caught us” under the legislation, but knowing we now have the 2Shakes team to assist, I am feeling much more confident around the upcoming changes. I am excited to now be able to extend our service offering to our clients knowing the 2Shakes team have our backs. I look forward to working with Mike and the team to streamline our services going forward.”

Really it is feedback like this, that is the reason 2Shakes does what it does.

CAANZ New Plymouth
2Shakes also visited Taranaki to talk to chartered accountants in New Plymouth along with Silks Audit and CAANZ.

Ata & Cameron describing AML to Chartered Accountants in New Plymouth

Will we see you here….

CAANZ Rototua & Tauranga
2Shakes are presenting to CAANZ members in Rotorua and Tauranga on the 18th September. If you are a CAANZ member in this area, we would love to see you there.
ATAINZ Palmerston North
2Shakes are looking forward to meeting ATAINZ members in Palmerston North on the 31 October.

Help with AML

Free Resources & Support

  • Does AML apply to me? Not sure, then read Department of Internal Affairs free guidance on AML for Accountants or Lawyers here. (Remember 2Shakes works for both AML and non-AML agreements.)
  • If AML will apply to you then, you need to read DIA Sector Risk Assessment and register for GoAML so your can report to the Police.
  • But why do I have to do this? The Ministry of Justice have launched their AML campaign. Let you clients know it isn’t personal, it’s the law. And it’s really about protecting NZs reputation and keeping us financially safe. https://www.keepourmoneyclean.govt.nz
  • 2Shakes Free Web Training. Watch recordings of our webinars.
  • Practice CDD on 2Shakes for Free. 2Shakes has a free training environment. You can have a go yourself in our safe sandpit system. Try our onboarding, authorities and AML extensions. Experience electronic signing and identity checks. Sign up to get a free training account.
  • What’s new in 2Shakes. If you know your way around 2Shakes already, then we have some 2-3 minute quick videos explaining the key changes for AML
  • Member of CAANZ? Then utilise the great resources CAANZ have created AML guidance documents and webinairs for their members

Other Organisations that can help:

  • Need help with your AML programme. Then consider using 2Shakes discount to get an Aro Advisers AML package.
  • Want advice from an experienced AML consultant? Then you could contact Compliance Plus.
  • Need an independent and appropriately qualified AML Auditor? Contact Silks Audit they give a 20-25% discount on AML audits if you use 2Shakes.

Feature Updates

Bank Authorities
You can refer your client to Westpac NZ, as a bank referrals to make it easy for them to get help with their banking needs.

Do you ever have customers that are still using their personal bank accounts to conduct business through? Or that may need other banking services? 2Shakes have made it easy to send a request for your client to be contacted by the Westpac Business On Demand team.

2Shakes are still working to improve the process of getting bank authority easier. As in our prototype video.
ACC Authorities
Have you got a slightly cryptic email like this from ACC?

…. Unfortunately the Inland Revenue number you have provided is not bring up and ACC account.

Don’t panic! This normally happens when the client is a newly formed company and ACC have not yet created their Levy Account yet. ACC Levy accounts for new companies are set up after the company submits their first tax return. You can ask ACC to hold the authority form until after the end of the financial year, or you can find it in 2Shakes and just resent it to ACC when you need to use it. To help with this process, 2Shakes have included a secure link in the email that is sent to ACC. If you are logged into 2Shakes and click on this link, you can open a PDF of the signed ACC authority form from 2Shakes.

Quick Tips

You’ve Been Sent A 2Shakes Link – Explaining 2Shakes to your clients
Do you need to explain how 2Shakes works to clients who are signing agreements or responding to Customer Due Diligence checks? Information about 2Shakes is available on our website here. You can point your customers here or include a link to this page in your signing emails to clients.
Want to do AML CDD checks as stand alone?
Do you have situations where you want to do AML CDD checks on clients, but done want or need to do an agreement or engagement letter? Well you can use 2Shakes to just do AML CDD only! There is information on how to do this on our website AML only page.